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In this new section, we publish articles on various topics related to Ayurveda and the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre Bad Ems. In the future, you can filter articles by appearance date and by category in the menu bar on the left.

Sweet = unhealthy?

Sweetness has an important place in an Ayurvedic diet as it is one of the six basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and tart. According to Ayurveda, food containing all six tastes (Rasas) is considered highly nutritious, satiating and gratifying.
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Keeping your cool when the weather is hot

From the Ayurvedic perspective, summer is the time when the fire element increases in nature, and therefore also in our physiology. With increased Pitta Dosha, the digestive power (Agni) tends to decrease. An imbalance in Pitta Dosha can cause a range of ailments such as various types of inflammation, heartburn, skin rashes, as well as fatigue and irritability. Read more

Celebrating Ayurveda

Schachunger, Bauhofer, Pirc

DGA anniversary congress, 8–11 June 2023
With these words, Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer, Ayurvedic physician and president of the German Society for Ayurveda (DGA), opened the recent anniversary congress.

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What Ayurveda can tell us about rice

Rice, one of the oldest cultivated plants, plays a central role in the diet of many cultures, especially in Asia. Indian lore cherishes several legends about the origin of rice. One of them is about Shiva, one of the main deities in Hinduism.

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Fasting the gentle way

The winter has been long and uncomfortable, with lots of gray, cold weather, making us long to cozy up at home with a hot cup of tea and a good book. From the Ayurvedic viewpoint, in particular the second half of winter is characterized by an increase of Kapha Dosha in the physiology. If unbalanced, this can manifest itself in various ways, like sluggishness, weight gain and an increased susceptibility to respiratory problems.
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Supporting the intestines in a meaningful way – using prebiotics and probiotics in an Ayurvedic therapy

Due to our modern lifestyle, characterized by reduced exercise, eating heavily processed foods and high toxin exposure, our intestines are often strained beyond the breaking point.

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Detox infusion

Would you like to give your intestines a treat? Then try our recipe for a detox infusion.

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Our intestines and our state of mind

Most people are aware of the fact that intestinal bacteria play a key role in our health. What is less well-known, however, is the connection between the intestines and the brain, which is called the gut-brain axis. Like a busy highway, it carries a constant, lively exchange of information.

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Losing weight without stress

Now that the new year is a few weeks old already, we hope that the resolutions for 2023 have not yet been thrown overboard. With growing health awareness, losing excess pounds is high on the wish list for many people, along with adopting better eating habits, getting more exercise and spending more time with friends and family.

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Congratulations to our doctor Aurel Christ!

Our doctor Aurel Christ has completed the Ayurveda course, the Master’s examination and his Master’s thesis at Middlesex University, London with Distinction and the grade 1. He now holds the title “Master of Science in Ayurvedic Medicine”.

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