Bad Ems and surrounding area
Ayurveda is so close.

Even if the variety of cures of today cannot be compared with what was offered in imperial times. The best example: the treatments in the Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic. is so close.

Bad Ems is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

UNESCO, the UN Organization for Education, Culture, Science and Communication, designated Bad Ems as one of only three German spas “Great Spas of Europe” as a World Heritage Site on July 24, 2021. This means that the spa town on the River Lahn has received the highest international distinction that can be bestowed on a cultural site.
The “Great Spas of Europe” are spas that shaped the tradition of European bathing culture with their natural thermal waters and are characterized by outstanding historic spa architecture that is still intact today.
We are very happy to be able to pass on the culture of Ayurveda to people every day in this wonderful environment.

Congratulations to the city of Bad Ems!

Bad Ems

Can there be a place in Germany more suitable for natural healing procedures than Bad Ems with its millennia-old spa tradition and its famous thermal springs?

Surrounding area

Thousands of years of proven knowledge in a magnificent setting amid breathtaking scenery. That is Ayurveda in Bad Ems.