Ayutvedic cuisine at our health centre
The delicious cuisine of Ayurveda

Experience Ayurvedic cuisine at its best. Our chef creates delicious meals that take into account all the Ayurvedic recommendations.

In our Ayurveda kitchen we use only fresh and mainly organic ingredients. The gentle preparation techniques ensure that all of the important vitamins and minerals are retained. Exotic spices and selected herbs as well as the use of ghee, the Ayurvedic butterfat, create unique and tasty flavours. All herbs, spices and other ingredients are chosen according to their effects as described in the Ayurvedic teachings. For example, ghee can improve your memory and mental functioning, can keep your joints lubricated, and allows your skin to become more smooth and radiant.

The customized creation of your menu is done according to your mind/body type and medical indications, and it supports the success of your treatment. Your taste buds will remember this experience long afterwards.