Individual treatment prices

Billing of medical and therapeutic services according to GOÄ is possible for privately insured persons. In addition, expenses for Ayurveda cures are tax deductible under certain circumstances as extraordinary expenses.

Heat treatments

Svedana (whole body herbal steam bath) 138,00 EUR

Medicinal enemas

Matra-Basti (nourishing enema with herbal oils or ghee) 129,00 EUR
Shodana-Basti - (cleansing enema - water base with transforming essences) 129,00 EUR
Kshira-Basti (soothing enema with milk-herbal decoction) 129,00 EUR
Brimhana-Basti (strong nourishing enema) 129,00 EUR
Veda-Matra (nourishing enema with precious herbal oils or ghee) 168,00 EUR

Partial Applikations

Shirodhara (forehead casting with oil) - short 147,00 EUR
Shirodhara (forehead casting with oil) - medium 157,00 EUR
Shirodhara (forehead casting with oil) - long 167,00 EUR
Takradhara special 396,00 EUR
Shirobasti (herbal oil bath on the head) 264,00 EUR
Nasya (shoulder, neck and head massage, inhalation, compresses and nasal treatment) 229,00 EUR
Karnapurana (ear and tinnitus therapy) 137,00 EUR
Netra-Tarpana (eye treatment) 151,00 EUR
Shiroabhyanga (partial head massage) 118,00 EUR
Treatment of the trigeminal nerve 116,00 EUR
Padabhyanga (foot and shank massage) 138,00 EUR
Lepam (herbal packs) 138,00 EUR
Aroma-Therapy 144,00 EUR
Local packages 48,00 - 63,00 EUR
Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems 90,00 - 132,00 EUR
Marma Therapy 113,00 - 162,00 EUR
Back Massage 105,00 EUR

For your information:
All Takradhara treatments are performed with 2 therapists.
At the beginning 10 minutes of short full body massage by both therapists, if before not directly just an Abhyanga or similar took place.
Afterwards, one therapist gives the forehead cast by hand and funnel device, the other gently massages the body, or helps in between with refilling the funnel.

Pain therapy

Pinda-Sveda – local 387,00 EUR
Pinda-Sveda (treatment of multiple body parts) 436,00 EUR
Kalari Marma Uzichili (tiefe Energiemassage) 5 Positionen 398,00 EUR
Manual pain therapy 179,00 EUR
Patra Potali – local 128,00 - 188,00 EUR
Patra Potali – big 334,00 - 395,00 EUR
Podikili – local 108,00 - 152,00 EUR
Podikili – big 269,00 - 339,00 EUR

Oil therapies

Kativasthi (oil treatment on lumbar spine) 170,00 EUR
Grivavasthi (oil treatment for shoulder problems) 170,00 EUR
Jaanuvasthi (oil treatment for non-inflamed knee problems) 170,00 EUR
+ 2. 2. knee 224,00 EUR
Hrid-Vasthi (oil treatment for heart problems) 170,00 EUR
Chakravasthi (for various stomach and stress problems) 170,00 EUR
Yakrithvasthi (for liver and metabolism disorders) 170,00 EUR
Chakra-Hrid-Vasthi (oil therapy for heart and solar plexus) 224,00 EUR

Meals in the Ayurveda restaurant

Full board (Ayurvedic breakfast, lunch and dinner) 71,00 EUR
Breakfast 11,00 EUR
Lunch 34,00 EUR
Dinner 26,00 EUR

MEDICAL care during the Panchakarma treatment

Doctor’s fees are settled directly with the medical practice of Dr. Karin Pirc.

Accompanying Panchakarma treatment:
Initial examination, therapy plan preparation, pre-treatment, daily medical care, post-treatment recommendations.

for 4 days 423,00 EUR
for 5 days 442,00 EUR
for 7 days 480,00 EUR
for 10 days 537,00 EUR
for 14 days 613,00 EUR
for 21 days 746,00 EUR
for each additional day 19,00 EUR
a free telephone follow-up with the attending physician within 3 months 00,00 EUR

*Doctor’s fees are settled directly with the medical practice of Dr. Karin Pirc.

This list of prices and services is valid from 1 November 2023, and replaces all previous price lists. Prices may change and are not binding in case of error or omission. Our general terms and conditions apply.