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Ayurveda Cure: Regeneration of Body and Soul


10% discount*from November 27th to December 19th, 2023


From November 27th to December 19th, 2023, you will receive a 10% discount* on our unique Ayurveda cures at our private clinic as well as on hotel accommodation at Häckers Grand Hotel.

During this peaceful Advent season, treat yourself to a time-out that will spoil your body and soul in equal measure.


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Ayurveda Cure: Regeneration of Body and Soul

A warm welcome to the Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic Bad Ems!

Offering you authentic Ayurveda at its best

Well begun – comprehensive diagnosis by an Ayurveda physician

Ayurveda, the natural healthcare system used in ancient India, offers effective strategies for holistic health. Its main emphasis is on prevention of disease; cure is only secondary. Through special examination methods like the traditional pulse diagnosis the Ayurvedic physician detects disease at such an early stage that it can be corrected before any symptoms manifest. Therefore every Ayurveda therapy starts with a comprehensive examination, including pulse diagnosis, personal medical history (anamnesis), in-depth analysis of the factors that have caused the condition according to Ayurveda, and assessment of the individual Dosha–Type .

The Ayurveda therapy – detoxification in silence

For any health disturbances, Ayurveda provides very effective therapies – first and foremost the program called Panchakarma, which is our specialty. This classical Ayurveda course of treatment uses a specific sequence of steps/phases to dissolve and eliminate the metabolism’s waste products and environmental toxins which are insoluble in water and therefore out of reach for common cleansing therapies. Full-body oil massages given by two therapists working in silent synchrony will activate your body’s self-healing power and bring peace to your mind.

An Ayurvedic course of treatment offers many benefits, also if you don’t have any specific health complaints: enjoy relaxing treatments, experience deep rest and recreation, and take home a long-lasting feeling of increased energy and better health.

Chronic illnesses – mitigation and relief through Ayurveda

Panchakarma can bring critical alleviation for many conditions, especially chronic illnesses, such as hypertension, sleep disorders, headaches, burnout, liver affections, overweight or underweight, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, allergies, dermatitis, and many others.

Decades of experience with Ayurveda – happy guests

Our physicians Dr. Karin Pirc (medical director), Aurel Christ, Ayurveda doctor, Vaidya Kalyan Chakravarthy and Dr. med. Sarah Gabriel each have decades of experience with Ayurveda. They know how important it is to attend to individual needs. Since the Private Clinic was established in 1992 more than 20,000 guest have come to trust them—an acknowledgement we are proud to accept and share with our ninety dedicated members of staff.

Our house is officially recognized as a Private Clinic (§30 GewO).

We look forward to welcoming you in Bad Ems very soon!

Lothar Pirc, CEO

Dr. Karin Pirc, medical director


Pulse diagnosis

The best therapies begin with an extensive diagnosis. So also with Ayurveda, where diagnosis is based on listening, empathy, and understanding – More…

Our doctors

The top level medical quality of authentic Ayurveda in Bad Ems is achieved through highly trained physicians and therapists as well as by experienced management. More…


To learn more about the three Doshas, try this self-assessment test and find out which is your predominant constitution type. More…

Counterbalance Stress

Healthy Ayurvedic strategies help you to effectively counter daily stress and protect yourself against the effects of strains that can’t be avoided. More…


Maharishi Ayurveda


Ayurveda Cure at Stress and Burn-out

Staying in balance – this is the main theme of Ayurveda and at the same time the Ayurvedic way to a long, fulfilled life.
How can Ayurveda help overcome a burn-out? What role does the “energy account” play in personal stress management? How do batteries recharge quickly? More…

Ayurveda Symposium
Paris, 2018


About 140 participants attended – medical professionals from many different disciplines.
This Ayurveda Symposium featured leading experts in Ayurveda and Consciousness and was organized by Association Pour La Santé Fondée Sur La Conscience (Association for Consciousness-Based Health) in collaboration with l’Observatoire du Leadership (the Leadership Obser­vatory). More …

Maharishi AyurVeda
Health Centre Bad Ems


Bad Ems, March 2018 — On February 24, the eyes of the Ayurveda world once again turned to Bad Ems. The occasion was the 25th anniversary of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre, celebrated in a fitting manner with more than 200 invited guests in Häcker’s Grand Hotel. More…


“Our Health Centre has been awarded 2 Lilies by the Relax Guide, which places it among the top 10 percent of wellness hotels in Germany.”

From the Relax Guide’s report: The Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre in Bad Ems has been a specialist for detoxification cures from the oldest naturopathy in the world for more than a quarter of a century. It is the best proof that authentic Ayurveda cures (Panchakarma) do not require travel to India or Sri Lanka.
The Health Centre is now the largest and leading Ayurveda provider, adhering to highest quality standards and run as a state-approved private clinic. It is situated in the east wing of Häcker’s Grand Hotel, with both the spa and the richly furnished guest rooms located in the hotel area, reachable with few steps. It has its own restaurant, so spa guests dine in a protected atmosphere.

  • Classic cures for detoxification and revitalization, as well as specific therapies for traditionally intractable chronic diseases.
  • 10, 14 and 21-day panchakarma cures; “light” / introductory packages of 2 to 7 days.
  • Empathetic, experienced team of doctors. Medical director is Karin Pirc, Ayurveda pioneer in Germany with decades of practical experience.
  • Very good therapies in a pleasant environment, kind and attentive team, high quality oils and medications.
  • Very good Ayurveda cuisine.
  • International guests. Capacity: about 50 guests.
  • Thermal indoor pool, outdoor sauna, sauna, steam bath, massages, cosmetics, Ayurveda, fitness equipment.

Example package: 14-day Panchakarma cure, including 21 treatments, doctor’s fees, full room and board, from € 6,344.


Health spa Bad Ems is situated
in one of the most beautiful
areas of Germany, in the
middle of the idyllic Lahn Valley
natural park, surrounded by the
forested mountains of Taunus
and Westerwald. More…


The vernacular knows it: ‘You are what you eat.’ The importance of proper diet for good health was already emphasized in the oldest Ayurvedic traditions: ‘He who eats right needs no medicine. He who eats wrong, him no medicine can help.’ More…

In good hands
We are here to serve you.

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In the 30 years since its inception, the clinic has received numerous awards and honors. Authentic Ayurveda, highest quality standards, excellent doctors – here are the main ones:

Video about Panchakarma

If you have never experienced an Ayurvedic Panchakarma course of treatment, you can get a glimpse of how it works in this video. More interesting videos about Ayurveda, Panchakarma and the Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic Bad Ems are on our Youtube page. (Video in German language)