Ayurvedic diagnosis
Findings and knowledge belong together

The ideal therapy begins with a detailed diagnosis. This is no different with Ayurveda.

The findings of Ayurvedic medicine can be a good complement to conventional medicine. However, they offer an additional, enriching perspective in any case. If you would like to get to know the perspective of Ayurveda, please make an appointment for an outpatient diagnosis.

Listen, compassion, understanding

The core of an Ayurvedic diagnosis consists of listening, empathizing, understanding – so that we can grasp all aspects and possible causes of a health disorder and not just the symptoms. Therefore we take at least one hour of time for you. No special preparation is necessary on your part. However, in the case of more serious illnesses, it is helpful to bring along existing medical reports or examination results.

We are here for you

In a detailed conversation we examine the medical history and look at previous illnesses, genetic peculiarities, daily routine and dietary habits. We also perform an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis. Together with the results of the conventional medical diagnosis, the Maharishi Ayurveda physician derives from this the appropriate therapy tailored to the patient’s health situation.

Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis

An important part of Ayurvedic diagnosis is done by feeling the pulse. With gentle pressure we feel at different points and in different planes how the pulse behaves at the wrist of the patient. Is the pulse fast or slow, warm or cool, soft or rough? In Ayurveda, we distinguish a wealth of pulse qualities and pulse palpation points, which tell the expert a lot about the state of health of his counterpart.

How does Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis work?

The video below from a short course on pulse feeling, gives you a first insight into how Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis works and how you can feel basic characteristics of your pulse yourself. First, Dr. Karin Pirc, head physician of our clinic, explains what the three doshas, around which the entire diagnosis and therapy in Ayurveda revolves, are. In the practical part, you will see how the participants themselves gain practical experience with pulse feeling and learn how they can use this knowledge for themselves and their health.



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Second opinion

A double bottom for your decision

For many decisions, we ask different people for their advice. Even with health issues, it’s becoming more common to get medical assessments or recommendations from two or more experts.

Personal responsibility requires understanding

Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet, patients today are much better informed about diagnoses and treatment options than they were a few years ago, and they make their decisions very consciously.

Seeing eye-to-eye with the patient

Many physicians explicitly recommend the second expert opinion – not only in case of doubt – and we also very much welcome this development. In this way, we are much more likely to be able to meet our patients at eye level.

Ayurveda outpatient

Those who cannot or do not want to purify their organism for a new start with the help of an authentic Ayurvedic Panchakarma cure will receive precise recommendations and prescriptions of Ayurvedic herbal preparations from us. During the duration of the treatment, you will also receive further support from us by telephone, if desired.

I would like a personal consultation or an appointment for outpatient diagnosis. Phone: 02603 9407-0.

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