Ayurvedic therapy principle
The oldest medical system in the world

The emphasis in Ayurveda is on preventive measures to maintain health. This is precisely why nutrition, for example, plays such a large role. Nevertheless, Ayurveda also offers a large number of treatment options to treat existing imbalances and diseases – first and foremost the so-called Panchakarma. A Panchakarma cure is an extremely effective method to detoxify and purify the body and return it to its original balance.

How does disease arise?

A person whose doshas, agni and dhatus are in balance, whose malas are functioning normally, and whose self, senses and mind are full of bliss is called healthy.

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Ayurvedic diagnosis

The ideal therapy begins with a detailed diagnosis. Ayurveda is no different. The core of an Ayurvedic diagnosis consists of listening, empathizing, understanding.

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Treatable diseases

For sick people – especially those with chronic diseases – the first option is a medical cure in our clinic.

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Second opinion

For many decisions, we ask different people for their advice. Even with health issues, it is becoming more and more common to get medical assessments from two or more experts.

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The heart of our therapy is the classical Ayurvedic purification cure – Panchakarma. Translated: the five actions.
Panchakarma is a system of precisely coordinated physical treatments that gently and extremely profoundly rid the organism of metabolic residues and in this way remove the basis of many diseases. Once the body is cleansed, all further therapies can take better effect.

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Two popular Ayurvedic oil massages:
Abhyanga, the synchronous oil massages, and Shirodhara, the forehead cast.

The popular Ayurvedic oil massages are part of the Ayurvedic Panchakarma cleansing and purification cures. The synchronous massages help to dissolve fat-soluble waste products in the body and eliminate them through further treatment steps. Excessive slagging (ayurvedic: ama) is considered the cause of a variety of health problems and diseases.


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