Ayurveda & Nutrition
Key to health

It’s a popular saying: “You are what you eat.” The importance of diet for our health can even be found in the most ancient Ayurvedic records. They say: “Those who eat right don’t need medicine. For those who eat wrong, medicine is of no use.”
Why? It not only depends on which food is eaten, but it also depends on the digestive system of the person who is eating the food.
From Ayurveda we know that each food has its particular effect in our physiology. For example, Basmati rice is known to be easily digested, whereas brown rice can, if taken excessively, overburden the intestinal tract. Honey contains many health-supporting properties, but when heated above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes so changed that it becomes harmful – the Ayurvedic texts say “poisonous” — to the human nervous system. With the knowledge of the individual effects of each food, we can make good choices in favour of our good health.

Recognize what is good for us

Does this mean there is one Ayurvedic menu for everyone? Not at all. Because different people have different physiologies and different digestive systems. One person may tolerate an apple very well, while his neighbour gets a stomachache from eating it. One person may be able to consume large quantities of food at every meal, while the next person tends to immediately gain weight if they try that. The art of Ayurvedic nutrition is to recognise what’s good for us and our own particular physiology.
Here at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre Bad Ems you will find out quickly how to listen to your body, which will show you the way to your ideal nutrition choices. Together with individual dietary recommendations that you will receive after a Panchakarma programme or in an outpatient consultation, you can strengthen your health and well-being with an appropriate, easy-to-make and delicious diet.

The Health Center kitchen

Experience Ayurvedic cuisine at its best. Our chef creates delicious meals that take into account all the Ayurvedic recommendations.


Ayurvedic cooking

Discover the seductive aromas of Ayurvedic cooking that we prepare according to your taste and individual needs. Ayurvedic cooking is always freshly prepared, full of colourful vegetables, juicy fruits, exotic spices and delicate herbs..


Weight management

Even if you’d like to shed a few pounds, you will not need to go on a special diet during your treatment. Instead, it’s good to experience the entire variety of the delicious Ayurveda cuisine.