“I feel at home!” – Guest Interview


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“An oasis for my health and my happiness”

“Each time I am at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre I am convinced again. As soon as I am here my inner sun rises. Everything is perfect at all levels: this begins with the doctors, who respond with competence and care; the therapists give you loving care and a lot of attention; the food is, along with being easy to digest and carefully balanced with the treatments, tasty and has variety; the lively and informative evening lectures as well as the smooth service in all departments is discreet and in a warm manner that we find very rarely in these hectic times. For me, this place is an oasis in which I can recharge not only my health but also my happiness.”

Angeline Rüb

“They take time for the needs of the guests”

“It was really very nice to meet all the staff who work at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Bad Ems. This is a professional and dedicated team. They take time for the needs of the guests, listen and do the best for their health. Panchakarma treatments – what an experience of abundance and wisdom!”

Maud Rakotondravohitra

“Rarely in life I felt so well taken care oft”

“As a mother of two little children (11 months and 4.5 years) I am deeply involved in their care and feeling tense due to the daily task of family and job….

After each Abhyanga I feel more and more at ease in my body and mind. Rarely in life have I felt so well taken care of, safe and secure. It’s something really special when I can take the centre stage and be pampered so thoroughly.”

Katja Lätzer

“The speed of the re-creation was amazing”

“Panchakarma programme in Bad Ems, I was really looking forward to it – the last time was too long ago. I arrived here exhausted and the diagnosis of Dr. Pirc was – though she said it gently – disastrous. But only after four days I felt that I had left my life prior to the programme far behind me.

The speed of the re-creation was amazing and things improved with each day. The exquisite meals contributed much to that, although I couldn’t remember it being as delicious as it was this time.

You, the entire team at the Ayurveda Centre, really know how to do it, how to lift a person gently out of stress and how to give them the feeling of being well taken care of.”

Johannes Schulte-Ontrop also known as Hannes Schöner from “De Höhner” a popular German music cult band from Cologne

“A renewed and lighter feeling in my body”

“I left Bad Ems with a completely new, much lighter body feeling. Overall, I also experience myself as stronger, calmer, more resilient and mentally clearer. Other people also notice my ‘different charisma’ and my more relaxed, younger appearance.

The suggestion for a healthy Ayurvedic diet convinces me very much, because I can feel the effect on my organism directly. I try to integrate them into my everyday life as much as possible, so that I can continue to benefit from the effects of the cure for a long time. In doing so, I find that everything, with a little good will, can be implemented quite well.”

Elisabeth Lopez Fiestas

“Due to health reasons I indulged myself in a 14-day Panchakarma treatment over Easter in 2006. Easter without my family for the first time in 37 years was out of the ordinary, but I didn’t regret it once. I lost almost 9 pounds in these 14 days and up until this day, two months afterwards; I’ve pretty much kept it that way. Hurray!”

Dr. Christoph Reusch (Judge at the higher administrative court)

“After my two-weeks Panchakarma treatment in Bad Ems I literally feel like I’ve been reborn. During that time I gained so much knowledge about myself and throughout the treatments that were prescribed by the wonderful Dr. Suurküla, I was able to forget my body completely and I was so relaxed that I had an increased awareness of my inner processes.”

Sally Beale

“We got to know the employees who not only work at Maharishi Ayurveda but also live there. Doctors who take time and good care of their patients. This is worthy of praise.”

Brigitte Höfner und Matthias Heimel

“I am so grateful to you and your staff for the very friendly service. The treatments, conversations, the food, as well as the entire atmosphere, contributed much to a very relaxing and pleasant stay. I liked it very much and I look forward to my next treatment with you!”

Gabriele Heunecke

“This was my sixth Panchakarma treatment in Bad Ems. It’s just very enjoyable again and again, the food is extremely tasty and the massages are heavenly. The service throughout the treatment is completely satisfying. The evening lectures on Ayurveda are very interesting. I can certainly recommend a stay in Bad Ems.”

Corinna Heimann

“At the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Bad Ems we found not only an extremely professional application of Ayurveda with the quality seal ‘Maharishi’ but also the “feeling of being safe and secure” throughout the treatment. Lovingly carried out treatments, the delicious vegetarian food, always very interesting lectures and a heartfelt atmosphere in addition. Because of its location at the Häcker’s Grand Hotel, the Panchakarma treatment is again and again quite an experience. Each time when it’s time to say good-bye, we already look forward to our next visit because we experience this treatment as balancing, strengthening and revitalizing at the same time. It has become a very important part of our lives. Thank you!”

Mr and Ms Storch, UK

From guest to guest

This is a conversation we had with some of our guests during their Panchakarma treatment at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre. (Show / hide entire article)

Please tell us how you heard about Maharishi Ayurveda

Erika Esche: I have been practising Yoga for 15 years and this led me to Ayurveda. I heard about the Centre in Bad Ems through television and newspapers. This is my fourth visit here.

Anny Stier: My daughter introduced me to Ayurveda. I was completely out of balance and not well at all. I had information about Bad Ems sent to me. Quite by chance a friend of mine was also interested in Panchakarma and we decided to come here together.

Gabriele Mammitzsch: I have always been interested in alternative medicine and had read about Ayurveda. I have wanted to take a course of treatment for years because I have been under immense pressure. I did not want to travel far and wanted to be in a nice area. So I decided on Bad Ems and have been here for four days.

Have you already had a treatment?

Gabriele Mammitzsch: Yes, my first treatment was Abhyanga. It was very nice.

Erika Esche: The treatments are very pleasant. At first I did not like the days taking ghee. But now that the massages have started, I feel really well. I feel lighter and have more energy. My body and soul feel lighter.

Which treatments did you like the most?

Erika Esche: The full-body massage with flowing oil. Today I had Udvarthana and Svedana and I feel completely well and relaxed.

Do you feel well taken care of in Bad Ems?

Anny Stier: I enjoyed the consultation with the doctor. Very personal and attentive. Although I have only been here a few days, I really feel at home. Even though the hotel is very large I feel very safe. You are not a number here. The ladies look after me very well.

Erika Esche: I have to say that even on the first day I arrived here, I could feel the relaxed atmosphere and I really enjoyed it. Even now it is the same. The Panchakarma therapists are really nice and Dr. Pirc is very open-minded and takes plenty of time with you.

Gabriele Mammitzsch: My doctor at home was very pleased that I decided to come here. He always takes time with a consultation, but here it is even more so. There is no feeling of being rushed. It is always peaceful during the treatments and you are spoken to pleasantly.

What is also nice is that it is always possible to speak with a doctor. Even if you don’t take the opportunity, it is always good to know it is available when needed. What really impressed me at my first treatment was that I went down to the treatment room and two extremely nice ladies with beautiful smiling faces were there to greet me. That was just wonderful and the atmosphere was so peaceful. That is so pleasant. And there are so many little things that the assistants think about. They find my file even quicker than I can give them my name. It is obvious that they enjoy their work.

How do you like vegetarian food?

Anny Stier: The food has been a real surprise for me. You can tell it is prepared with much love and is varied, fresh and extremely delicious. It is really amazing. It is healthy to feel satisfied and be in such a good mood after a meal.

Gabriele Mammitzsch: At home I eat a lot of fruit and try to have a healthy diet. But here you are constantly reminded to enjoy your meal, take time eating and be aware of your food. It helps that the food is varied, is wonderful to look at, like a small artwork, and is lovingly served.

Thank you for talking to us.