Panchakarma cure
The deep purification

Panchakarma – every cure is different

Which focus we put and in which rhythm we work together is not only different from person to person, but also from phase of life to phase of life: We adjust your Panchakarma cure with the utmost care to your current energy status. Our experience shows again and again that in this way Panchakarma can be the royal road for almost everyone.

Why a Panchakarma cure?

Our modern way of life means that we are very often unable to avoid many stresses, such as environmental toxins, stress or low-quality food. Medication, overstimulation, too little exercise, too little oxygen and an unhealthy lifestyle also put a strain on the body. This does not remain without consequences. The most common diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies and cancer are diseases of civilization. Likewise, autoimmune diseases, burnout, sleep disorders and chronic fatigue continue to increase at an alarming rate. Here, an Ayurvedic detox like the Panchakarma cure offers a great opportunity to realize a deep cleansing in a short time.

Three reasons for a Panchakarma cure in Bad Ems


Procedure of our Panchakarma cure

The heart of our Ayurvedic therapy is the classical Ayurvedic cleansing cure – Panchakarma. Panchakarma is a system of precisely coordinated physical treatments that gently and extremely profoundly rid the organism of metabolic residues and in this way remove the basis of many diseases. We mainly use the first three procedures with our patients, as the western lifestyle almost always calls for detoxification in combination with balancing and calming.

Once the body is cleansed, all other therapies can take effect more effectively. The self-healing powers are clearly activated. The organism can also respond even better to the highly effective herbal preparations of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic diagnosis

When you come to us in Bad Ems, your spa stay begins with a thorough Ayurvedic diagnosis. We take a lot of time for you, at least one hour. A detailed conversation about your lifestyle habits and complaints initiates the Ayurvedic diagnosis. An important part of the anamnesis is the pulse diagnosis. Using three fingers, your physician feels the relationship between the three bio-energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which organ systems are out of balance and what your mental state is. These findings determine the preparation phase for your Panchakarma cure.

Detect diseases in the early stages

In Ayurveda, we know that diseases always develop when the three doshas are imbalanced. This happens almost automatically through our lifestyle and eating habits and is quite natural. A healthy organism is able to balance the demands of daily life. However, if the level of stress exceeds the balancing abilities of the psyche and body, diseases gradually develop. Therefore, here at Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic Bad Ems, we ensure that your doshas are rebalanced and your health can stabilize again by supporting your own self-healing powers.

Deep cleansing

When you undergo an Ayurvedic cleansing treatment, a Panchakarma treatment, metabolic residues, environmental toxins and other toxins are systematically removed from the body in successive steps. At the same time, during such a profound cleansing process, the soul is also freed from burdens. Unprocessed conflicts, deep-seated tensions and stress loads are released parallel to the physical relief. People who have experienced this process feel much more vital, healthy and energetic after only 10-14 days. Existing health problems are reduced and at the same time joy of life and performance return.

In translation, Panchakarma means five actions (Pancha = five, Karman = actions).

  • laxative (virechana)
  • herbal enemas (Basti)
  • nasal rinses (Nasya)
  • bloodletting (Rakta Mokshan)
  • emetics (Vaman)

The Panchakarma film

If you have a quarter of an hour to spare and would like to learn more about a Panchakarma cure in Bad Ems in inspiring and informative pictures, watch our film at your leisure. Of course you can also order the film as DVD here. We wish you much pleasure!



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Get back into balance with oils, herbs and massages.

In every Panchakarma cure, oils, Ayurvedic herbs and various synchronous massages are used. The treating Ayurvedic doctor compiles these individually for each guest, no two cures are the same. Your constitution, age and body strength as well as your complaints are taken into account when creating your personal therapy plan and go into deciding which treatments will be helpful for you.

Herbal oils

The herbal oils used for the various massages are also selected individually for each guest. The right one is selected for you from more than a thousand different recipes. High quality organic oils, Ayurvedic healing herbs and minerals in the right combination – these are the basics to bring your body-mind system back into balance.

Abhyanga – the ayurvedic oil massage

Abhyanga is known to many people who have already studied Ayurveda. In the Maharishi Ayurveda Private Clinic Bad Ems, this soothing massage is performed according to the guidelines of authentic Ayurveda. Two experienced therapists perform the massage in perfect synchrony. You will feel wonderfully calm, deeply relaxed and your body will be freed from old burdens.

Metabolism massage

Udvarthana, the synchronous massage with a herbal paste, massively activates the metabolism and accelerates the elimination of metabolic residues from the body. For each guest, the Ayurvedic doctor prescribes the recipe of the herbal paste individually adapted to the ailment pattern of the Ayurvedic guest.

Dissolve the pain with Pinda-Sveda

Pinda-Sveda is the Ayurvedic treatment with herbal stamps. Linen bags are filled with special herbs, oils and cooked special rice. These warm herbal stamps are now used to treat the painful areas with an alternating heat and cold stimulus to stimulate circulation and nourish the weakened tissues. Again, herbs and oils are determined individually for each patient.

Shirodhara – the forehead pouring with oil

A deep relaxing effect exerts Shirodhara the popular forehead casting with warm herbal oil. For about half an hour, the warm oil flows slowly over the forehead. Our patients report again and again that this calms worries and overactive thoughts, and that a long-lost, deeply relaxed state returns.

Nasya – for head and nose

For sinusitis, headaches, tinnitus, hay fever and numerous other complaints in the head area as well as restlessness and nervousness, the Nasya has proven very effective. With a detailed shoulder-neck-massage, followed by heat applications, the entire head area relaxes and becomes better supplied with blood. With special oils, always individually adapted to the symptoms, many complaints in the head area can be alleviated.

The Ayurvedic cuisine

During your Panchakarma treatment you will also get to know Ayurvedic cuisine. Man is what he eats – this saying is especially true in Ayurveda! Ayurvedic cuisine is easily digestible, especially during your Panchakarma cure. Here we take special care to ensure that the delicious dishes not only please you, but also support your healing process. During your cure you can also participate in our social program and get to know Ayurvedic cuisine in an Ayurvedic cooking course in our teaching kitchen.

A Panchakarma cure in Bad Ems – Ayurveda at the highest level

Panchakarma in Bad Ems means Ayurveda at the highest level in Europe’s leading private clinic for Ayurveda, in the middle of Germany. From the very beginning we have taken care to apply the millennia-old healing knowledge in its classical form in a contemporary way and to adapt it to our European conditions. Holistic, standardized and above all: individually tailored to you. Although Panchakarma therapy has a gentle retuning effect, it still belongs in medical hands and should be carried out by thoroughly trained therapists in order to achieve long-lasting results.