Ayurveda cures in Germany
Individual & authentic

Individual & precisely tailored to your needs

The goal of every individually adapted Ayurvedic cure is to lead the person with all his facets back into balance, so that he can not only be physically healthy, but also develop his spiritual and mental positive assets.

Ayurveda gives joy of life and mental clarity. Although the emphasis of Ayurveda is on prevention, it also offers a comprehensive approach to alleviate and cure all health disorders. Ayurvedic cures have proven particularly effective for chronic diseases as well as for states of exhaustion and burnout.

An Ayurvedic cure combines all these focal points in the most pleasant and effective way.

Medizinische Ayurvedakuren

Medical Ayurveda cure for illness

For sick people – especially those with chronic diseases – the first option is a medical cure in our clinic. As surprising as it may sound at first glance:

With the gentle and natural treatment methods of Ayurveda, even chronic and long-standing diseases can be favorably influenced.

An Ayurveda cure under medical supervision in Bad Ems begins with a detailed medical diagnosis. Because especially in the case of chronic diseases, the Ayurvedic doctor knows the many different triggers that have contributed to the development of a disease.

To the Medical Ayurveda cure

Examples of cures: Medical Ayurveda cures

A medical Ayurveda cure is the supreme discipline for a fundamental detoxification and long-lasting activation of the self-healing powers. Your Ayurvedic doctor will individually tailor the treatments to you and your needs as well as your state of health during the detailed initial examination. This systematic cleansing in many successive steps is especially recommended for the therapy of chronic health disorders and deep states of exhaustion.

Wellness & Regenerationskuren

Short regeneration and time out

More than just wellness. In our hectic times, there is not always room for an extended cure. The harmonizing and regenerating Ayurvedic treatments are also ideal for stress reduction and for a quick refueling in a few days.

Relax deeply. Let go. Simply unwind and let yourself be pampered.

Leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy a new inner balance – on an Ayurveda taster day or a short vacation – with deeply relaxing treatments in complete silence. We will be happy to advise you, if desired also only with a short medical consultation.

For short regeneration and time out

Spa examples: Short regeneration and time out

Do something good for your body and soul and forget the stress of everyday life for one to seven full days. Enjoy the beneficial effects of the soothing and regenerating Ayurvedic treatments: Full body massages, Abhyanga, forehead casting and Ayurvedic steam bath with retuning medicinal herbs stimulate the self-healing powers, relax and ensure an undisturbed flow of energy.

Getting to know Ayurveda

One-day pampering and relaxation 415,00 EUR
Two days Royal - relax and feel good 1.002,00 EUR
Regeneration weekend - deep relaxation in a short time 1.247,00 EUR
Five days vitalization - vitalization and light cleaning from 2.270,00 EUR
Seven days luxury total - In one week to new well-being from 2.999,00 EUR

*Plus doctor’s fees and accommodation costs in Häcker’s Grand Hotel.


Detox & AntiAging Ayurvedic Cures

Detox & AntiAging with Ayurveda

With its goal of extending the life phase, Ayurveda turns out to be the mother of anti-aging. The Sanskrit term “Ayurveda” means “the knowledge of long life” (ayus = life, veda = knowledge), which in the true sense means the “science of extending the lifespan with full mental and physical health.

Reversing the aging process with Ayurveda

Ayurveda uses a wealth of medical applications and recommendations for everyday life to effectively slow the aging process and can even help you reverse aging symptoms that have already occurred.

To the Detox & AntiAging cure

Cure examples: Detox & AntiAging with Ayurveda

From a stay of 10 days it is possible to enjoy the benefits of all the essential steps listed in the classical texts for a sustainable detoxification and re-tuning. Your Ayurvedic doctor will tailor the treatments to you and your needs as well as your state of health during the detailed initial examination.

Ayurvedische Diagnose & Ärztliche Konsultationen

Medical consultations – outpatient or during a cure

As beneficial and recommendable as a deep Ayurvedic cleansing cure is from an Ayurvedic point of view, time and finances do not always allow for a longer cure stay. In such cases we offer you the possibility of an outpatient diagnosis and therapy according to Maharishi Ayurveda.

For medical consultation

Advantages of an Ayurveda course of treatment in Bad Ems

Ayurveda treatments

Authentic Ayurveda

In our Ayurveda clinic, ancient knowledge is applied in accord with its pure, original tradition. Nevertheless, there is nothing outdated about it – in fact, it is highly necessary for the modern person. Ayurveda deeply understands the diseases of Western civilization – excessive stress, anxiety, depression – and knows how to create the basis for a complete rebalancing of these disorders.

Thus, there is no need to travel to an Ayurveda resort in India or Sri Lanka if you are looking for authenticity. Right in the middle of Germany, you can find a real Ayurveda cure of the highest medical standard.


Ayurveda physicians

Competent physicians and therapists

The treatments you’ll receive during your Ayurveda cure are selected and individualized to best suit your needs and wishes and your current state of health. To this end, every cure starts with a comprehensive consultation and examination with your attending Ayurvedic physician. During this diagnostic appointment of about an hour, your doctor carries out an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and asks you questions to ascertain your personal state of health and also your constitution and Dosha type. Ayurveda speaks of three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and our therapists apply those principles in practice: they know how to adapt each treatment to your Dosha constitution.

Ayurvedic oils, herbs & rasayanas

Quality products

The medicinal herbal oils and compresses we use are all freshly prepared. We strictly use products from Maharishi Ayurveda Europe, manufactured to a high quality standard and free of mercury and other heavy metals.

These products and herbs, including Ayurvedic Rasayanas, are tested in India and additionally in independent laboratories in Europe according to the most rigorous up-to-date European guidelines for heavy metals, microbiology, and pesticides.


Ayurvedic diet during the cure

Ayurvedic cuisine

Since a Panchakarma course of treatment keeps your cells and tissues quite busy with detoxification and can also be a challenge for the intestines, the food you consume should be easy to digest. Traditionally, this prescribes vegetarian and predominately warm dishes that are tasty, varied and good-looking. Our wonderful kitchen achieves this with dedication and creativity, ensuring complete nutritional value by including Dal and Lassi at lunch. (Dal is a well-seasoned, rather liquid legume dish, and Lassi is a drink prepared from homemade yogurt.)

Yoga, Meditation & Cooking Classes

Extensive supporting program

Many options are offered to make you feel comfortable and to enhance your wellness experience. For example, you are free to participate in daily yoga classes during your course of treatment.

If you wish, you can also learn the Transcendental Meditation technique. The instruction takes place in a seven-step course and is taught in person by an authorized meditation teacher.

Ayurveda cures in the middle of Germany

Scenic location

Bad Ems is a pretty place in the middle of Germany, with lots of beautiful nature around. It has a long-standing tradition as a spa town and since 2021 is honored to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage ‘Great Spa Towns of Europe’.

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre Bad Ems is located in the ‘Kaisertrakt’ of Häcker’s Grand Hotel, directly on the banks of the river Lahn. The magnificent spa hotel with its central wing, two side wings and a courtyard of honor resembles a baroque palace. Inside, it provides the comfort of a four- and five-star hotel, with guest rooms offering magnificent views over lush forests on one side and the Lahn River on the other.


What do you do during an Ayurveda cure?

The aim of every Ayurvedic cure is to bring the person back into balance with all his aspects and taking into account his Dosha type. Everyone should not only be physically healthy, but above all mental and spiritual health should be restored. This is achieved, among other things, by changing the diet, relaxing yoga and intensive meditation. Likewise, various massages, baths and the intake of herbal preparations play a decisive role in the success of an Ayurvedic cure.

Our doctors prescribe the sequence and composition of your treatments highly individually, because they adjust them with the greatest care to your current physical strength and overall situation. This varies not only from person to person, but also from phase of life to phase of life. Our experience has shown that in this way the Panchakarma cure can be the royal road for almost every person. At the same time, the doctor takes into account the mental condition of the individual as well as the carefully determined history of the development of health disorders.

After all, many small mistakes in diet or lifestyle, repeated over and over again, add up over the course of a lifetime. The innate and well-functioning self-healing powers and balancing functions of the body thus gradually lose their power: this is how a disease develops.


Before the cure – consultation

Panchakarma is systematic, deep detoxification and retuning. You can intensify the precious time of your cure by already relieving the body for a few days before your arrival by an easily digestible diet in combination with herbal teas or hot water. Our reception staff will be happy to advise you on this or – if you wish – send you an appropriate leaflet.
If you live nearby, you can also make a diagnostic appointment in our medical consultation hours a few weeks before the cure. The doctor will recommend additional, individually adapted preparatory measures for you to take at home in order to further increase the success of your cure. This is especially recommended for severe chronic diseases.


Your personal Ayurveda cure plan

An Ayurveda cure under medical supervision in Bad Ems begins with a detailed medical diagnosis. Especially in the case of chronic diseases, the Ayurvedic doctor knows the many different triggers that have contributed to the development of a disease. He analyzes these complexes of causes together with the patient in minute detail. Based on this, the doctor puts together a therapy plan for the Panchakarma cure. This medical detoxification therapy helps the body to detoxify and harmonize itself by means of individual treatments that systematically build on one another, so that it can regain the air it needs for its natural healing reactions.


Ayurveda cure as a new start – recommendations for the time afterwards at home

Ayurveda is the knowledge of life – an Ayurvedic therapy can encompass countless facets, ultimately as many as life itself. Parallel to the spa treatments, you can expand your knowledge of body and mind in informative lectures and exciting video lessons. You will get to know and love Ayurvedic gourmet food and enjoy a calm, relaxed rhythm of life. Because Ayurveda can heal with everything: with healthy, tasty food, spices and special herbal mixtures, with rest phases, sleep rhythm and meditation, with gentle physical exercises, sports, sun and air as well as with massages, aromatic oils and music, and, and, and… This is exactly why an Ayurvedic doctor takes a lot of time for his patients. Because at the final consultation at the end of your cure, he will find out together with you what simple recommendations you can easily implement in your everyday life to further improve your state of health and happiness in life.

In this way, an Ayurveda cure can help to ease the start of a new life. With a healthy distance from home, you will find time and leisure to rethink perhaps entrenched ways of living. You can gather ideas at one of our cooking classes featuring Ayurvedic cuisine, take home suggestions for gentle yoga, or balance your daily rhythm. Relieved of old ballast and freshly strengthened, such changes can be better implemented in everyday life.


The diet during your Ayurveda cure

The diet during a Panchakarma cure is basically easily digestible and vegetarian; after all, the body is supposed to relieve itself and find back to a new balance. Everything is prepared fresh at every meal and almost exclusively from organic ingredients – frozen food, canned food and reheated food are taboo.
Nevertheless, the Ayurveda patient does not have to do without culinary delights: Our trained chefs know how to conjure up a varied and tasty menu on the table every day, even with healthy food.

At the breakfast buffet you will find a warm cereal porridge, a selection of soaked dried fruits, healthy breads and spreads. At lunchtime we serve a variety of vegetable dishes, dahl (a deliciously spiced legume dish), a sweet and spicy chutney (sweet, spicy and/or sour preserved sauces based on seasonal fruits or vegetables), a cereal, topped off with a lassi (a drink made from freshly made yogurt) that helps balance the intestinal flora. Especially popular with our guests is the lovingly arranged dessert, which leaves nothing to be desired. And in the evening it can be a little lighter: a delicious vegetable soup is followed by a main course.
Early in the morning and before meals, we serve a freshly prepared metabolic drink that additionally strengthens the digestive system.

Just as an individual Panchakarma cure prescribed by the doctor is divided into different phases (see there), the diet also adapts to these different phases.
Fasting days are not part of an Ayurveda cure – however, depending on the cure plan, there may be a few days on which breakfast is omitted – always in consultation between doctor and patient. During a longer cure (7 days or more), the intestines are specifically cleansed on one day (laxative day) and relieved with a light soup diet.

This light and tasty diet, in combination with the effective and pleasant Ayurvedic treatments, contributes to recovery, to an all-round new attitude to life with more freshness and lightness.


Heart of Panchakarma

The heart of our Ayurvedic cures is the classical Ayurvedic cleansing cure – Panchakarma. Translated: the five actions. Panchakarma is an ancient system of precisely coordinated detoxifying treatments performed with loving attention by our thoroughly trained therapists. The Panchakarma cure gently and extremely profoundly frees the organism from metabolic residues and thus removes the basis of many diseases. The basic principles of the Panchakarma cure are always the same:



From the very beginning, our private clinic has taken care to apply the millennia-old healing knowledge in its classical form in a contemporary way and to adapt it to local conditions.

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Panchakarma Reinigungskuren

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Why a Maharishi Ayurveda cure does so much good.

More and more patients are experiencing that conventional therapies alone are not enough.

Many people today realize that the path to recovery must take place on all levels. That it is important to bring the natural regulation back into a new, better balance. The insight is growing: prevention is more important than healing, natural recovery through activation of the self-healing powers is more valuable than chemical remedies that only keep diseases at bay. And quality of life is also becoming increasingly important today.

Our quality promise for your Ayurveda cure

  • Authentic implementation of the millennia-old Ayurvedic recommendations according to the highest quality and training guidelines
  • State-approved private clinic (§ 30 GewO) with certified hygiene standards
  • Competent, experienced medical team
  • Synchronous massages according to the classical recommendations
  • Loving and intensive care of our guests

To the quality promise

How much does an Ayurveda cure cost?

An Ayurvedic cure is very personnel intensive and therefore has its price. When it comes to the quality of your treatments, we make no compromises. Understandably, the costs are based on your individual symptoms and the planned duration of your stay. The individual treatments are determined by the doctor during the initial diagnosis and the costs are agreed with you personally. Sample offers can be found here.

How long does an Ayurveda cure usually last?

In our clinic we offer a stay from 1 day upwards: 1 day – Get to know Ayurveda, 2 days – Relax and feel good, 3 days – Deep relaxation in a short time, 5 days – Vitalization and light purification, 7 days – In one week to new well-being.Complete Panchakarma cures start from 10 days upwards: 10 days – for effective revitalization, 14 days – Effective cleansing cure for individual therapy of health disorders, 21 days – Vacation for your health – relaxation and revitalization at the highest level.

Is a cure in Bad Ems just as good as in Sri Lanka or India?

Our therapy treatments are carried out strictly according to the traditional Ayurvedic criteria. You have an additional great advantage: authentic Ayurveda cures in the middle of Germany, without a long journey and time difference with jet lag. So you can be sure that your Ayurveda cure has the maximum benefit for you – preventive, rejuvenating, revitalizing, healing.

From how many spa days is a complete detoxification (Panchakarma) possible?

A complete Panchakarma cure includes two phases:
the first with classical Ayurvedic treatments to mobilize metabolic deposits, which is concluded with a gentle intestinal cleansing. The second phase additionally offers a retuning and stabilization of the intestinal milieu, as well as a cleansing of the head area. This further deepens the cleansing effects of the first phase and contributes to the long-lasting effects of your cure. A complete Panchakarma cure includes both phases and is possible from 10 days of application.

Is a cure at all recommended for my illness?

There are only a few contraindications: highly acute inflammatory diseases, fever, less than 3 months after major surgery or chemotherapy. Due to the conditions of our private clinic, we can also admit bedridden patients or immobile patients with accompanying persons only.

A list of treatable disorders can be found here.

If a spa stay is not possible for you at the moment, we recommend our outpatient diagnosis with valuable Ayurvedic recommendations for home.

Are the oils and herbs free from environmental toxins and mercury?

All our used massage oils are from German suppliers and are of biological origin. They are freshly enriched for you with medicinal herbs in our clinic with a complex cooking process. All products imported from India come from the main producer “Maharishi Ayurveda Products India” (MAP India). This ensures control over consistently high quality certified in India. Maharishi Ayurveda has manufacturing facilities according to the most modern standards, and the products are tested by independent control laboratories in India and Europe.