Five days vitalization
Vitalization and easy cleaning

The 5-day vitalization is individually tailored to you and your needs as well as your state of health by your Ayurvedic doctor during the detailed initial examination. Various full-body massages, forehead casting and Ayurvedic steam bath with revitalizing medicinal herbs stimulate your self-healing powers, relax and ensure an undisturbed energy flow, so that you come home regenerated and revitalized.

Of course, additional treatments can also be booked.

5 days – regeneration and light cleansing

(treatment example)

  • Initial consultation with the doctor (1 h)Regular different types of whole body synchronous massages with 4 hands (individually prescribed by the doctor)
  • Forehead castings with medicated herbal oil (Shirodhara)
  • Full body herbal steam bath (Svedana)
  • Intestinal cleansing (Matra-Basti)
  • If required: individually prescribed herbal preparations
  • Post-cure consultation with a physician (45 min) incl. recommendations for home use

In addition, we offer full Ayurvedic gourmet meals, light yoga in the group and weekday evening lectures. During the medical consultations you will receive individual recommendations for preventive measures, nutrition at home as well as effective Maharishi Ayurveda herbal preparations tailored to you personally.

Five day revitalization (Example)

3x Abhyanga (gentle synchronous oil massage) - Pitta 777,00 EUR
1x Udvarthana (tissue activating friction massage) 298,00 EUR
3x Shirodhara (forehead casting with oil) - mittel 471,00 EUR
1x Svedana (whole body herbal steam bath) 138,00 EUR
1x Matra-Basti (gentle enema) 129,00 EUR
Ayurveda full board incl. informative social program 460,00 EUR
Total* 2.270,00 EUR

*Plus doctor’s fees and accommodation costs in Häcker’s Grand Hotel.


The medical fee is settled directly with the medical practice of Dr. Karin Pirc.

Of course, this sample offer can be extended, or supplemented with additional treatments.

Gourmet full board from the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center’s own organic kitchen. Healthy, delicious Ayurveda menus for the full treatment success of your Ayurveda cure. The Maharishi Ayurveda Health and Seminar Centre accompanies the Panchakarma therapy with an extensive social program. The daily flat rate is calculated independently of the use of the individual offers for each overnight stay and amounts to 21.00 €.

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More Ayurveda cures as a short vacation

During this 3-day regeneration stay you will experience how relaxing an Ayurvedic therapy is. Your treatments will be preceded by a consultation with the Ayurvedic specialist in order to tailor them to your individual needs. Enjoy the beneficial effects of the soothing and regenerating Ayurvedic treatments. read more
  • 3 days - Deep relaxation in a short time
  • 2x Abhyanga
    1x Udvarthana
    1x Shirodhara
    Ayurvedic gourmet full Board
    Informative supporting program
  • Initial consultation with the doctor
Effective treatment program for one week, which already includes a series of detoxifying therapies of Panchakarma, the classical Ayurvedic detoxification and rebalancing cure. Your Ayurvedic doctor will tailor the treatments to you and your needs as well as your state of health during the detailed initial examination. By means of special Ayurvedic herbs, various full-body synchronous massages, a series of effective Ayurvedic treatments and delicious Ayurvedic detox diet, you will feel full of energy within a short period of time and sustainably improve your resistance. read more
  • 7 days - In one week to new well-being
  • Regular Abhyanga
    regular Shirodhara
    1x Svedana
    1x Pizhichill
    1x Matra-Basti
    Ayurvedic gourmet full Board
    Informative supporting program
  • Initial consultation with the doctor
    Poast-cure consultation with the doctor