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Why a Maharishi Ayurveda cure does so much good.

More and more patients are experiencing that conventional therapies alone are not enough.

Many people today realize that the path to recovery must take place on all levels. That it is important to bring the natural regulation back into a new, better balance. The insight is growing: prevention is more important than healing, natural recovery through activation of the self-healing powers is more valuable than chemical remedies that only keep diseases at bay. And quality of life is also becoming increasingly important today.


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Aurel Christ, Physician & Master in Ayurvedic Medicine

  • Licensed as a doctor of human medicine
  • Master of Science in Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Son of Dr. Karin Pirc, grew up with Ayurveda since childhood
  • Graduation in the USA: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media
  • International medical experience in general and acute medicine
  • Specialties: Panchakarma, nutrition, Ayurvedic psychology.

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Why an Ayurveda cure in Bad Ems?

Authentic Ayurveda

In our Ayurveda clinic, ancient knowledge is applied in accord with its pure, original tradition. Nevertheless, there is nothing outdated about it – in fact, it is highly necessary for the modern person. Ayurveda deeply understands the diseases of Western civilization – excessive stress, anxiety, depression – and knows how to create the basis for a complete rebalancing of these disorders.

Thus, there is no need to travel to an Ayurveda resort in India or Sri Lanka if you are looking for authenticity. Right in the middle of Germany, you can find a real Ayurveda cure of the highest medical standard.


Ayurvedic cuisine

Since a Panchakarma course of treatment keeps your cells and tissues quite busy with detoxification and can also be a challenge for the intestines, the food you consume should be easy to digest. Traditionally, this prescribes vegetarian and predominately warm dishes that are tasty, varied and good-looking. Our wonderful kitchen achieves this with dedication and creativity, ensuring complete nutritional value by including Dal and Lassi at lunch. (Dal is a well-seasoned, rather liquid legume dish, and Lassi is a drink prepared from homemade yogurt.)

Competent physicians and therapists

The treatments you’ll receive during your Ayurveda cure are selected and individualized to best suit your needs and wishes and your current state of health. To this end, every cure starts with a comprehensive consultation and examination with your attending Ayurvedic physician. During this diagnostic appointment of about an hour, your doctor carries out an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis and asks you questions to ascertain your personal state of health and also your constitution and Dosha type. Ayurveda speaks of three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and our therapists apply those principles in practice: they know how to adapt each treatment to your Dosha constitution.

Scenic location

Bad Ems is a pretty place in the middle of Germany, with lots of beautiful nature around. It has a long-standing tradition as a spa town and since 2021 is honored to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage ‘Great Spa Towns of Europe’.

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre Bad Ems is located in the ‘Kaisertrakt’ of Häcker’s Grand Hotel, directly on the banks of the river Lahn. The magnificent spa hotel with its central wing, two side wings and a courtyard of honor resembles a baroque palace. Inside, it provides the comfort of a four- and five-star hotel, with guest rooms offering magnificent views over lush forests on one side and the Lahn River on the other.