Corporate Seminars
for more creativity and less stress

Maharishi Veda Seminars specializes in conducting corporate seminars to teach the effective strategies of Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation for stress management and health management. To this end, a number of seminars have been structured to convey this content in an easy-to-understand and practical manner.

Perfect balance – the basis for health, life energy and success.

Transcendental Meditation, for example, is one such strategy by means of which one can find deep peace, reduce stress and draw new strength within a few minutes. The holistic nutritional teachings of Ayurveda are another important building block for restoring balance. The Ayurvedic dosha system helps to take into account specific, individual needs. Yoga asanas (physical exercises) and pranayama (breathing techniques) help maintain and strengthen the subtle balance of the mind-body system.


Benefits for managers, employees, and the whole company

Maharishi Veda Seminars programs impart benefits to everyone in the organization. They promote creativity, discernment, abstraction, ethics, and tact in managers. For employees, the programs are a very effective way to reduce stress and increase performance and motivation. Sleep disorders and anxiety are reduced, teamwork skills are improved, bullying is reduced.

The whole company benefits from the programs when a significant part of the workforce meditates daily. The entire company demonstrably attains a new level of efficiency – work processes spontaneously become smoother. This translates into significantly improved productivity.


Seminar Objectives (Example):

  • Insight into the theory and practice of Maharishi Ayurveda
  • Integrate healthy behavior effortlessly into everyday life
  • Recognize the benefits of prevention-oriented health management for the individual and the company as a whole


Content focus (example):

  • The importance of meditation for stress management
  • Healthy eating habits: Ayurvedic recommendations for everyday life
  • Panchakarma – the deep physical cleansing therapy


Topic overview (example):

  • Stable health as the key to successful management
  • With Maharishi Ayurveda to new thinking about health and disease
  • Determination of the individual Dosha type
  • The importance of personal constitution for fitness, performance and well-being
  • Yoga: Introduction to a selection of the basic set of yoga asanas (physical exercises) and breathing techniques (pranayama)


Maharishi Veda Seminars Brochure (in German)