Doctor consultation
on an outpatient basis or during a course of treatment in our health centre

As beneficial and recommendable as a deep Ayurvedic cleansing cure is from an Ayurvedic point of view, time and finances do not always allow for a longer cure stay. In such cases we offer you the possibility of an outpatient diagnosis and therapy according to Maharishi Ayurveda.

What happens during a medical consultation

In order for us to grasp all aspects and connections of your health disorder, we take at least one hour for a detailed conversation with you. For us, listening, empathizing and understanding are at the heart of every Ayurvedic diagnosis. The knowledge gained from this is supplemented by medical reports and examination results, especially in the case of more serious illnesses. Indispensable for us is the Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, which is carried out by an experienced Ayurvedic doctor. In many cases it is the pulse diagnosis that reveals hidden aspects of a health disorder and shows our experts the way to the appropriate Ayurvedic therapy.

Our doctors

Our excellently trained doctors and therapists guarantee the medical quality of authentic Ayurveda in Bad Ems.

Outpatient medical consultations in our health centre

The doctor will work with you through examination and questioning to crystallize what influences in your life have unbalanced your body and mind. He will recommend Ayurvedic herbal preparations that will specifically support your healing process. The lifestyle changes the doctor suggests will create new positive habits for you. You make these changes step by step, at your own pace with your own personal opportunities in life. read more
  • 60 minutes for initial diagnoses, 30 minutes for repeat diagnoses.
  • Survey of your health disorders, pulse diagnosis
  • Ayurvedic herbal preparations, dietary recommendations and practical tips for the home.

Medical consultations accompanying the cure in our health centre

Your spa stay begins with a detailed diagnosis by an Ayurvedic doctor. Through examination and questioning he creates the therapy plan with treatments for your optimal cure success. Regular consultations during the cure provide space for your queries and possibly sensible changes to the therapy plan. The follow-up recommendation prepares you for the stabilization of the cure success at home: Individually selected Ayurvedic herbal preparations, dietary recommendations and important tips for at home. read more
  • 60 minutes for initial diagnosis, regular medical consultations, 45 minutes for follow-up recommendation.
  • Survey of your health disorders, pulse diagnosis, dosha determination
  • Creation of your individual therapy plan, Ayurvedic herbal preparations, dietary recommendations and practical tips for home.

Pulse diagnosis

An important part of Ayurvedic diagnosis is done by feeling the pulse. With gentle pressure we feel at different points and in different planes how the pulse behaves at the wrist of the patient. Is the pulse fast or slow, warm or cool, soft or rough? In Ayurveda, we distinguish a wealth of pulse qualities and pulse palpation points, which tell the expert a lot about the state of health of his counterpart.

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