Weight reduction
Cure and enjoy

Even with a few pounds too much, you do not have to diet during your Ayurveda cure. Instead, you will experience the entire variety of delicious Ayurvedic cuisine.

Because according to Ayurvedic knowledge, weight problems are not only a question of too much food intake.

Rather, especially clear overweight is mainly based on an imbalance of the metabolism. Its functions can be brought back into their natural balance with Ayurvedic methods.


Ayurvedisches Essen

Will I lose weight during a Panchakarma cure?”

However, even without special attention to weight reduction, overweight people usually lose a few pounds during a complete Panchakarma cure starting from ten days. If an even more significant weight loss is desired, the attending physician will gladly prescribe a special reduction diet. People of normal weight usually reduce their weight somewhat during the cure as a side effect. For people who are underweight and do not want to lose any more weight, the cure plan and diet can be designed so that they lose as little weight as possible.


Sensitization training instead of dieting

In any case, you will learn with us how to perceive the signals of your body, with the help of which you can optimally compose your individual diet plan at home, even after your Ayurveda cure. As a support we take a look at your daily routine together. In this way, we help you to find a healthy rhythm that strengthens your natural balance and thus your health and well-being.