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Ayurvedic course of treatment in top quality at fair prices

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An Ayurvedic course of treatment involves a lot of personal care, which comes with a price tag. But we won’t compromise when the quality of your therapies is concerned. All treatments are carried out strictly according to the Ayurvedic criteria passed on by tradition. Abhyanga (synchronized oil massage) is always given by two well-trained therapists. In short: everything to ensure you maximum benefit from your Ayurveda course of treatment: prevention, rejuvenation, revitalization and healing.

Ayurvedic courses of treatment

To give you an idea of the possibilities, we have listed a few Ayurveda procedures. However, your Ayurveda course of treatment will be composed for you personally, according to your special desires and requirements. Please note that also for short stays, additional services can be booked.

Ayurvedic courses of treatment

Accommodation in Häcker’s Grand Hotel

Enjoy the incomparable comfort of a Grand Hotel throughout your Panchakarma treatment. The 106 rooms offer a combination of tradition, modern ambience and aesthetic detail. You can enjoy a magnificent view of the Lahn River as well as the beautiful neo-classical style and art nouveau villas of the old city of Bad Ems from almost all rooms.


Medical consultation

The core of an Ayurvedic diagnosis consists of listening, empathizing and comprehening so that we can identify all aspects and possible causes of a disease and not just the symptoms. This is why we spend at least one hour’s time with you. Special preparation from your side is not necessary. However, in the case of serious conditions, it’s helpful to bring existing medical records or findings from your doctor.


All Ayurvedic treatments can also be booked individually.


Seminars and courses

Enjoy our extensive support program during your entire spa stay. Take part in our Ayurvedic cooking classes and learn about unique delicious dishes. Relax during the daily yoga classes. You are also welcome to get to know Transcendental Meditation in a personal instruction.


Financing of an Ayurveda cure

Does my health insurance pay for the Ayurvedic treatments? Can I possibly deduct the treatment from my taxes? Are there any financial aids?



Corporate Seminars

Maharishi Veda Seminare is specialized in corporate seminars to share effective strategies of ayurveda, yoga and meditation to cope with stress and to manage health. Well-developed seminars provide easy-too-understand and practical knowledge.
The Transcendental Meditation program, for example, is a strategy to find deep rest within a few minutes, reduce stress and gain new energy.

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Benefit from our early bird discount

With the CODE: KUR-24 you can save 10% on your Ayurveda treatment in the period from 28.08. – 22.09.2024 if you book by 30.06.2024 and 10% on your Ayurveda treatment in the period from 27.11.-19.12.2024 if you book by 30.09.2024. Contact our reception and quote the CODE: KUR-24.

*From five treatment days, excluding medical services, meals and supporting program. Only for cash or EC card payment.


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Give the gift of Ayurveda

The most beautiful gift that you can give to a loved one: Improved health and a renewed outlook on life.

You’ve found out about our relaxing and vitalizing Ayurveda treatments for yourself, and now you’d like to make a gift of this experience to someone you know – a gift that will be highly treasured. We will be delighted to send you a beautiful gift certificate for your choice of: a complete Panchakarma programme, a medical Ayurveda consultation with specific recommendations, a one-day wellness experience, or whatever you would like to give. We will be happy to send you an attractive gift voucher:

  • For a complete Ayurvedic course of treatment.
  • For a medical Ayurveda diagnosis with specific recommendations.
  • For a wellness taster day.
  • Or whatever you like to give away.