Congratulations to our doctor Aurel Christ!

Our doctor Aurel Christ has completed the Ayurveda course, the Master’s examination and his Master’s thesis at Middlesex University, London with Distinction and the grade 1. He now holds the title “Master of Science in Ayurvedic Medicine”.

His master’s thesis examined blood pressure reduction in 105 patients (74 women, 31 men) who had elevated blood pressure on average at the start of their stay at our private clinic. The study included spa guests with or without taking antihypertensive drugs who had taken a 10-day cure or longer.

The result: Panchakarma has a preventive effect and supports the reduction of blood pressure, both systolic and diastolic – the upper and lower blood pressure values – and also has a weight-reducing effect. Tendentially, an even greater blood pressure reduction was observed in TM meditators compared to those who did not additionally practice this deep relaxation.

Especially remarkable: All this is achieved only by completely natural methods – through detoxification, dietary changes, and relaxation in the context of a Maharishi Ayurveda Panchakarma cure – completely without the administration of additional chemical antihypertensives. On the contrary, in a number of patients the doctors reduced or completely discontinued their antihypertensive medication because of the good success of the therapy, and yet the antihypertensive effect was still measurable on average!

Systolic blood pressure was reduced on average from 142 to 136 mmHG, diastolic blood pressure from 86 to 81 mmHG; the blood pressure lowering effect was more intensive in people with more elevated blood pressure values at the beginning than in those with mild hypertension or normal blood pressure values. Weight was reduced by an average of 2.8 kg. Again, overweight individuals understandably lost more weight than those with normal weight.

Our physicians regularly observe this positive effect in practice, but these therapeutic successes have never been systematically summarized before. We are therefore very grateful that Aurel Christ has carried out this evaluation and has thus now been able to confirm the daily observation!

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