travelling without stress

Long flights, delays, congestion on the highway, whining kids, large crowds … These are all causes of stress, especially when travelling and during the holiday season.
In this issue, we share some tips from Ayurveda on how to avoid stress and how to restore the imbalances that arise when you’re travelling.

Travelling creates imbalance

When travelling, several things work together to disturb Vata Dosha.
Sitting for long stretches of time blocks Apana Vata – the Subdosha responsible for excretion. In addition, moving at high speed increases Prana Vata, the Subdosha regulating mental and emotional balance. When travelling across time zones, the different sleeping times at the destination disturb Prana Vata even more. And last but not least, the different daily routine during travelling and usually also at the holiday destination – with different mealtimes and unfamiliar, often heavier food – can upset Pachaka Pitta, the Subdosha responsible for digestion.

Before you start out

1. Preferably have meals that pacify Vata and Pitta
Avoid spicy foods and sour ingredients; give preference to sweet, juicy fruits instead. Warm organic milk with rose water soothes and strengthens, as well as easily digestible protein in the form of Mung Dal (pulses).
Your body relishes regularity, so try to keep your mealtimes and sleeping hours the same from day to day. Enjoy your main meal at noon and stop eating three hours before bedtime. Make sure you drink enough, even before the journey. Such a routine will keep your body fit and well-prepared.

2. Daily Abhyanga with sesame oil
Giving yourself a massage with warm sesame oil soothes the entire nervous system and reduces stress in advance. Abhyanga is one of the most valuable Ayurvedic remedies you can do yourself. Abhyanga relieves stress and tension and eliminates metabolic residues. Now, before the trip, a daily Abhyanga is ideal. During holidays, it may also be easier to find the time for it, shake off the stress from travelling and mitigate the transition’s effects.

3. Enhance your strength with Ayurvedic herbs
Many Maharishi AyurVeda herbal products specifically target Vata disorders. Before heading to hectic airports or overcrowded highways, these Ayurvedic Rasayanas, teas and oils protect your nervous system. They can also be very helpful at your holiday destination: Vata Balance, Vata tea, Vata aroma oil, and Triphala plus (in case of travel-related constipation).

During travel

1. A cup of tea
Vata tea soothes agreeably when travelling. In the car or on the train, you can take a thermos with you. On a flight, you can bring tea bags and order hot water. (Avoid cold and carbonated drinks.) Apart from the herbs, the warmth from the tea balances Vata Dosha and helps digestion.

2. Pleasing and fresh food
When travelling, getting freshly cooked organic food is a rare occasion. Be prepared: bring along fresh fruits, nuts, and dried fruits such as dates and raisins. When travelling by car or train, you can even bring a meal prepared in advance in a holding container. Always have in your bag: Vata Churna, a spice blend that pacifies Vata.

3. A drop of aroma oil
One or two drops of Vata aroma oil on a cotton pad or tissue will help balance Vata while travelling. You can also put it next to your pillow to help you fall asleep.

After arriving at the destination

1. Drink hot water
The air in vehicles is often too dry, particularly in airplanes, but also in trains and cars. To balance, drink small sips of hot or warm boiled water regularly, both during travelling and after your arrival.

2. Warm sesame oil
After travelling, nothing soothes better than an Abhyanga with warm sesame oil. Take your time to gently arrive at your destination by applying oil from head to toe. Enjoy the calm and the silence that were missing during the journey.

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