Marma therapy is the Ayurvedic term for the therapeutic touching of Marmas, special areas and points on the skin, through which associated organ systems or bodily functions can be influenced. Marmas are interconnected through Shrotas – numerous smaller and larger channels in the physiology. Incidentally, Chinese acupuncture has its origins in the ancient knowledge about Marma points.


In modern-day India, only very fragmented knowledge about Marma therapy remains; treatments are usually rather coarse and have lost much of their original effectiveness. Thanks to years of work by German Ayurvedic doctor Ernst Schrott, M.D., it has been possible to restore Marma therapy to its refined state as Maharishi Marma Therapy and to set up systematic training. These were the rich fruits of Dr. Schrott’s many trips to India, a thorough study of the original texts, and collaboration with internationally renowned Vaidya Dr. Raju.


On the basis of your Dosha imbalances, the Ayurvedic physician will individualize your Marma therapy to restore equilibrium; usually several points are treated during one session. In complete silence, your therapist will gently touch the prescribed Marma areas or points using special aroma oil blends. Just as in Maharishi Aroma Therapy, we use only pure essential oils of the highest quality, certified organic or from wild collection.
Marma therapy sessions last from 30 to 50 minutes, depending on what the physician has prescribed.


Marma treatment normalizes the flow in the body’s energy channels (Shrotas). It reduces blockages at a subtle, controlling level and supports the natural orderly functioning of the physiology from its core. Marma Therapy helps alleviate pain and chronic diseases, especially when a series of treatments is given. Every application has a marked soothing effect; our guests particularly appreciate the balancing effect on conditions involving sleep disorders, anxiety and restlessness.

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