First International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition,
Dubai, UAE

9 -11 November 2017

The Indian AYUSH Ministry had invited our CEO, Lothar Pirc, to come to Dubai for the First International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition. The Ministry wants to work with him to document our Health Centre’s great curative successes in treating chronic diseases in Bad Ems with the help of our evaluations.

Lothar had an extensive exchange about that with the Indian government representatives attending the Conference; their discussions were very successful.
Time and again, our guests ask our Health Centre’s management if they could do something to make German legislation recognize Ayurveda as a reimbursable treatment. To realize this goal, health insurance companies require scientific studies conducted in Germany. Therefore, Lothar Pirc had now travelled to Dubai, to find a joint solution with the Indian Ministry for AYUSH.

Vaidia Dr. Pavani Raju, Lothar Pirc, Dr.j.R. Raju, Vaidia Dr. Aditya Raju
Lothar Pirc with Dr. Raju and his children Pavani and Aditya, who are also Vaidyas (Ayurvedic doctors)

One of the keynote speakers was Dr. J.R. Raju, from the famous Raju family which has upheld the art of pulse diagnosis over many generations. Dr. J.R. Raju has taught tens of thousands in this art worldwide, including our own Medical Director, Karin Pirc, M.D., Ph.D. and Dr. Nazanin Norouzifar.

Addressing the audience, Lothar Pirc thanked Dr. Raju for his speech and his work, and spoke about how our Health Centre benefits greatly from his expertise and teachings: We have been able to help so many patients because diseases can be detected in the earliest stages with the help of pulse diagnosis. Then, when Lothar Pirc wanted to leave the hall, immediately some twenty conference attendees approached him – they all requested his business card or brochures about our Health Centre in Bad Ems!

Also, an Arabic prince came up to him and spoke about his intention to set up an Ayurveda clinic in his country. Naturally, Lothar Pirc will be happy to support him in this endeavor.

Lothar Pirc met with Dr. Raju and next-generation members of his Vaidya family, and with an Arabic Prince planning to set up an Ayurvedic Clinic in his country.

From Dubai, Lothar travelled to India, to make new contacts there as well.

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