Ayurvedic salty Lassi

A salty Lassi helps keep Vata in balance while traveling – and at other times as well. It is easy to prepare and can be brought along in the car or on the train.
Ideally use fresh, home-made yoghurt from whole milk or organic yoghurt. Add some spices and a little salt.

For 2 glasses of 200 ml each:

100 ml yoghurt
300 ml water
½ TS coriander seeds
½ TS cumin seeds
1 pinch of rock salt
1 pinch of Pippali (Long pepper)


Whisk the yoghurt and the water together well (with a blender or mixer) to form a homogeneous liquid. Dry-roast the coriander and cumin seeds on a low flame, then grind them finely. Mix the powder into the Lassi and add salt to taste.


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