4th International Ayurveda Congress –
Leiden, The Netherlands

Traditional Natural Remedies from India and Europe

Exploring a 340-Year Relationship between The Netherlands and India
1.-2. September 2018, Leiden, The Netherlands.


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Dear Sir/Madam,

The International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation, The Netherlands; the All India Ayurvedic Congress,
New Delhi; and the International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune cordially invite you to the International Ayurveda Congress on Traditional Herbal Remedies from India and Europe to be held on 1 and 2 September 2018 at Leiden, The Netherlands. During the congress, the scientific approach of Ayurveda as a prevention-oriented healthcare system will also be presented.

This conference takes its inspiration from an epic 17th century Dutch treatise on medicinal plants of the Western Ghats of South India called Hortus Malabaricus. The inspiration is to connect India, The Netherlands, and Europe through their rich botanical heritage and, at the same time, present the therapeutic potential of plants and the natural approaches to health available in Ayurveda and in traditional remedies from Europe.

The conference venue is one of the main conference centers in Leiden, the Holiday Inn, a four-star hotel equipped with dignified halls, pleasant dining facilities, and spacious exhibition areas.

Garten von Malabar

The Hortus Malabaricus (Garden of Malabar) was compiled over a period of nearly 30 years and
published, originally in Latin, in Amsterdam, between 1678 and 1693 in 12 volumes.
This treatise gives a detailed account of the flora of Malabar region in South India, including copper
plate engravings and detailed descriptions of 742 plants.
This work was conceived by Hendrik van Rheede, Governor of Dutch Malabar, in collaboration with a team of nearly a hundred experts including Ranga Bhat, Vinayaka Pandit, Appu Bhat, and Itti Achuden.

Ayurveda for Prevention-Oriented Healthcare

“It will be very difficult for sickness and suffering which have plagued mankind for thousands of years, to survive any longer in a world where Ayurveda as the complete knowledge of prevention, perfect health, and longevity is being globally adopted by healthcare systems.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,
during the inaugural session of
the First World Congress on Natural Medicine, 1985, India

  • Scholars in Ayurveda, experts in herbal medicine, research scientists, and physicians with expertise in modern and Ayurvedic medicine will present scientific evidence on preventing disease, promoting longevity, and treating chronic disorders using an integrative approach.
  • The contemporary role of traditional herbal remedies available in India and Europe in the context of current health problems will be presented.
  • On the second day of the congress, we will also have Ayurveda for Everyone: Public Talks and Health Fair. Here we are inviting the general population to see the exhibitions and attend a series of lectures on various health-related topics. (On the next page, under Strategies and Plans, you will find details about the process and topics.)
  • Health Fair and Exhibitions including Hortus Malabaricus display.
  • Visit to the famous Hortus Botanicus Leiden, the oldest botanical garden in Western Europe.
  • Visiting the Leiden University Library where the original 12-volume treatise of Hortus Malabaricus and the botanical heritage of the Dutch Golden Age are kept.

Strategies and Planning

This conference presents a platform for all leading Ayurvedic Organizations worldwide and leaders in various fields of Ayurveda to discuss their successes, ideas and concerns in the following meetings:
1. Strategy and Planning meeting (Sunday 2 September morning) with the Minister of AYUSH, Government
of India (to be confirmed), Indian Ambassador to The Netherlands, and invited leaders in the fields

  • Ayurveda Education: Establishing highest quality education in Ayurveda for medical practitioners as well as for the public in each country.
  • Ayurveda Practice:: Supporting the practice of Ayurveda in the health service of each country.
  • Ayurveda Research: Promoting scientific research on Ayurveda to showcase preventive and curative benefits in healthcare and encourage its global recognition.
  • Ayurveda Products: Ensuring global availability of authentic Ayurveda products, by overcoming regulatory hurdles, and implementing procedures to guarantee safety and purity.

2. Proposed private meeting (Monday 3 September morning) including Minister of AYUSH, Government of India (to be confirmed), Indian Ambassador to The Netherlands, Dutch health ministry (to be confirmed), decision makers and invited leaders from various countries attending the congress with the purpose of summarizing the achievements and resolutions of the Congress, breakthroughs, areas of concern, and suggestions from leaders from different countries.

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