Injuries resulting from accidents
When the body does not recover

“I still can’t move my arm properly,” “I’m still in permanent pain,” “The affected muscles are not recovering.”

This or something similar is how people experience the agonizing injuries resulting from their accidents.

Modern surgery can work miracles, but it is not uncommon for pain, sensory disturbances and restricted movement to remain. In such “Sudeck’s disease”, muscle parts in the affected limbs break down as a result of the injury and lose their function. Circulatory disorders, swelling, skin changes and pain can occur.

And even though the accident happened a long time ago, a great deal of suffering can develop if the body and soul do not fully recover.

How does Vedic Medicine view the consequences of accidents?

Injuries resulting from accidents from an Ayurvedic point of view

According to Maharishi Ayurveda, many injuries resulting from accidents persist because of the loss of natural balance.

Due to our way of life, metabolic residues and toxins, called “Ama” in Ayurveda, are constantly produced and accumulate everywhere in the body, thus limiting the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate.

However, according to Ayurveda, no two patients are alike, and so each patient with injuries resulting from accidents must be considered highly individual. The Ayurvedic approach in our clinic is based on holism.

What can Ayurveda do for you?

In Vedic medicine, injuries resulting from accidents are addressed by combining various treatments into a multi-faceted approach adapted to your individual situation, as determined in a comprehensive diagnosis by one of our physicians.

An integrated approach

Increasingly, patients are finding that conventional therapies alone are not enough.

They recognize that the path to recovery must take place at all levels. For example, in the case of injuries resulting from an accident, the focus can be on the elimination of toxins or the balancing of the nervous system. It is important to bring the natural regulatory principles back into a necessary balance. Nutritional recommendations, helpful exercises as well as special herbal mixtures – all put together especially for you – help you to lead a more conscious lifestyle. So that your natural self-healing powers can effectively mitigate the injuries resulting from an accident.