When everything hurts

“I have chronic muscle pain everywhere.” “I feel very very stiff, especially in the morning.” “The extreme fatigue makes normal life almost impossible.”

This or a similar experience is what fibromyalgia patients report with regard to their severe pain symptoms.

Intense psychological strain accompanies the constant physical pain. There are two sources of pain: pressure-sensitive pain in the area where the tendon borders the muscle or constantly painful muscle groups and joints. Many of those affected experience swelling in the hands, feet or face. This disease is almost always associated with debilitating fatigue that can develop into depression.

Fibromyalgia often begins as a slow process with fatigue and gastrointestinal disorders. The pain in the lumbar vertebrae area comes after that, which later develops into the typical pain in the arms and legs. Excruciating pain attacks alternate with pain-free intervals.

What is the Vedic medicine point of view on fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia from an Ayurvedic perspective

According to the Maharishi Ayurveda approach, fibromyalgia starts with the loss of natural balance.

Metabolic residues develop continuously due to improper lifestyle. In the case of fibromyalgia, toxins (in Ayurveda called “Ama”) accumulate in all tissues of the physiology. Each fibromyalgia patient knows that not only low temperature, wet conditions or external stresses and strains but also intense sunlight as well as infectious diseases can cause aggravation.

In Ayurveda every patient is different and so each person’s fibromyalgia complaint varies. The Ayurvedic approach at our Centre is holistic.

What can Ayurveda do for you?

In Vedic medicine, fibromyalgia is addressed by combining various treatments into a multi-faceted approach adapted to your individual situation, as determined in a comprehensive diagnosis by one of our physicians.

An integrated approach

Increasingly, patients are finding that conventional therapies alone are not enough.

They recognize that healing must take place on all levels. In the case of fibromyalgia, for example, an emphasis on elimination of toxins as well as balancing of the nervous system can be recommended. It is important to bring all natural regulatory principles back into harmony. Nutritional recommendations and helpful exercises, as well as specific herbal mixtures tailored according to your needs, support a health-conscious lifestyle. In this way, your natural self-healing abilities can lessen fibromyalgia symptoms effectively.