Help with depression
Ayurveda offers interesting solutions

Depression has many faces, no two depressions are alike. Some no longer trust themselves with anything, others feel dull and weak, and some find every step difficult. Anxiety and listlessness are constant companions. We are here for you if you need outpatient help with depression!

Depression from the Ayurvedic point of view

According to the Maharishi Ayurveda approach, depression starts with the loss of natural balance.

There are many gradations, starting with emotional upset up to severe depression with suicide risk. From an Ayurvedic point of view, depression is caused by an imbalance in the body.

Due to our lifestyle, metabolic residues and toxins accumulate in the body. In Ayurveda, these deposits are called Ama. Ama accumulates in the tissues and organs, thus disturbing the energy flow in the body. The result is often fatigue and listlessness. But also a feeling of stress and tense nerves can be typical signs of depression. This is exactly where Ayurveda comes in. Since no two depressions are alike and no two people are alike, Ayurveda offers an individual solution for each history of suffering.

What can Ayurveda do for you?

In Vedic medicine, depressions are addressed by combining various treatments into a multi-faceted approach adapted to your individual situation, as determined in a comprehensive diagnosis by one of our physicians.

An integrated approach

Increasingly, patients are finding that conventional therapies alone are not enough.

When conventional therapies alone are not enough, Ayurveda can help you from a completely different angle. The elimination of toxins and metabolic residues, called Ama in Ayurveda, can bring your nervous system back into balance. Body and soul can blossom again and draw new strength.
We give you valuable tips on how to reactivate your self-healing powers with targeted nutrition and detox measures, yoga, breathing and meditation exercises. Special herbal mixtures, specifically selected for your individual situation, can help you regain balance through your natural self-healing powers.