Coronary heart disease
When the heart can't breathe

“Will I be in constant pain now?”, “Will I have to be afraid every time I exert myself?” “Am I in danger of having a heart attack?”

Such and similar probing questions preoccupy people with coronary heart disease. Those affected often suffer from shortness of breath or painful tightness in the chest area during physical exertion. This can be accompanied by feelings of anxiety and sweating.

Coronary artery disease is caused by deposits within the reticular coronary arteries, which supply the heart muscle directly with blood and thus with oxygen and nutrients. Clogging with a blood clot threatens a heart attack, the death of vital tissue of the heart muscle. The heart’s pumping function can fail completely. Coronary heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in Europe.

How does Vedic Medicine view coronary heart disease?


Coronary heart disease from an Ayurvedic point of view

According to Maharishi Ayurveda, the cause of coronary heart disease is the loss of natural balance.

Metabolic residues and toxins, called “ama” in Ayurveda, are constantly produced – due to our way of life – which are increasingly deposited in the coronary arteries in the case of coronary heart disease. Typically, arteriosclerosis is accompanied by other diseases of affluence: obesity, adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure – stress also plays an important role in the development process.

Doch laut Ayurveda gleicht kein Patient dem anderen und so sind auch die Gründe für eine koronare Herzkrankheit bei jedem verschieden. Der ayurvedische Ansatz in unserer Klinik beruht auf Ganzheitlichkeit.

What can Ayurveda do for you?

In Vedic medicine, coronary heart disease is addressed by combining various treatments into a multi-faceted approach adapted to your individual situation, as determined in a comprehensive diagnosis by one of our physicians.

An integrated approach

Increasingly, patients are finding that conventional therapies alone are not enough.

They recognize that the path to recovery must take place at all levels. For example, the focus can be on the elimination of toxins or the balancing of the nervous system. It is important to bring the natural regulatory principles back into a necessary balance. Nutritional recommendations, helpful exercises as well as highly effective herbal mixtures – all put together especially for you – help you to lead a more conscious lifestyle. So that your natural self-healing powers can gradually reduce the vouchers in your coronary arteries again.