Mild cleansing enema

Classical Ayurvedic texts extol the value of basti treatments: “Although basti takes effect in the large intestine, by its power it draws to itself all impurities from the sole of the foot to the head, just as the sun, standing in the sky, dries up all the juices of the earth.”

Our bastis are of purifying, soothing or nourishing action and are part of any complete Panchakarma cure. The Matra bastis are made of individually prescribed oils and nourish the body while soothing it. The Shodana bastis have a complex composition of medicinal herbal decoctions, oily substances and alkaline minerals. These ensure that the harmful substances dissolved with the various massages actually leave the body. In combination, matra and shodana bastis relieve numerous ailments, such as intestinal disorders, diseases of the spine, joints or migraines.