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Seminars and Courses


Yoga is part of our supporting programme. You may participate in daily classes throughout your Panchakarma treatment.

The Transcendental Meditation® Programme

The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught by certified teachers through a systematic, easy-to-learn seven-step program of instruction.

  1. Introductory talk – overview of the benefits
  2. Preparatory talk – the mechanics of the TM® technique
  3. Personal interview with a certified TM teacher
  4. Personal instruction (about one to two hours)
  5. First day of checking (about one to two hours)
  6. Second day of checking (about one to two hours)
  7. Third day of checking (about one to two hours)


Optional follow-up meetings for deepening of the practice and gaining additional knowledge.

TM-basic course fee€ 1,170.00
Couples learning together (including all children 18 years or younger)€ 1,755.00

Pricing includes follow-up meetings for four months.

Maharishi Veda Seminars for more creativity and less stress

Maharishi Veda Seminars use time-tested strategies from yoga philosophy to manage stress and for personal development. The seminars offered are unique and include a broad range of topics. High quality presentations provide easy-to-understand and practical knowledge with cumulative benefits in daily life.

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