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Individual prices


Synchronized Full-Body Oil Massage

Abhyanga (gentle massage) – Kapha165.00 EUR
Abhyanga - Pitta175.00 EUR
Abhyanga - Vata175.00 EUR
Vishesh (deep tissue massage) 165.00 EUR
Garshan (oil/dry massage)185.00 EUR
Udvarthana (tissue stimulating)195.00 EUR
Pizhichill (massage under flowing oil)298.00 EUR

Heat treatments

Svedana (herbal steam bath)85.00 EUR
Lepam (selected herb packs)90.00 EUR

Medicinal enemas

Matra-Basti (oil or ghee)87.00 EUR
Shodana-Basti85.00 EUR
Kshira-Basti80.00 EUR
Brimhana-Basti80.00 EUR
Veda-Matra105.00 EUR

Partial applications

Shirodhara (oil flow on the forehead) - short95.00 EUR
Shirodhara (oil flow on the forehead) - medium98.00 EUR
Shirodhara (oil flow on the forehead) - long100.00 EUR
Takhradhara special230.00 EUR
Shirobasti (herbal oil bath / head)160.00 EUR
Nasya (shoulder, neck and head massage, warm compress and nose treatment) 145.00 EUR
Karnapurana (Tinnitus therapy)85.00 EUR
Netra-Tarpana (eye treatment)96.00 EUR
Shiroabhyanga (massage of the head)70.00 EUR
Padabhyanga (foot and lower leg massage)75.00 EUR
Trigeminal-Nerve Treatment75.00 EUR
Lepam90.00 EUR

Cosmetic treatments and masks

Anti-ageing mask120.00 EUR
Vitalising mask120.00 EUR
Cleansing mask105.00 EUR
Anti-acne mask105.00 EUR

Tissue firming cosmetic treatments

2 areas of body (throat and chest)105.00 EUR
2 areas of body (lower arm and inside of thigh)105.00 EUR
3 areas of body (throat, chest and upper arm)140.00 EUR
4 areas of body (throat, chest, upper arm and inside of thigh)160.00 EUR

Pain therapy (local)

Pinda-Sveda, local298.00 EUR
Pinda-Sveda, particular areas345.00 EUR
Kalari Marma Uzichil (deep energy massage, 5 positions)280.00 EUR
Manual pain therapy130.00 EUR
Patra Potali local75,00 — 110,00 EUR
Patra Potali large230,00 — 270,00 EUR
Podikili local70,00 — 100,00 EUR
Podikili large225,00 — 245,00 EUR

Medical care

Complementing the Panchakarma treatment: Initial examination, pre-treatment, daily medical care, going home recommendations.
For 10 days400.00 EUR
Each additional day15.00 EUR
Doctor’s fees are settled directly with the medical practice of Dr. Karin Pirc.

This price list and list of services offered are valid from December 1, 2014. All previous price lists are invalid. Prices are subject to change. We are not responsible for errors and omissions. Our general terms and conditions apply.