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You would like to do something good for your health with an Ayurvedic cure, but you are not quite sure whether and how it can be tailored / is suitable for you personally? Or you would like to know more about the course and length of the cure or therapy treatments ideally suited for you?

We invite you to put your questions directly to our qualified doctors in a free telephone consultation. Simply select your desired date in our online booking program, the Ayurvedic doctor or physician will then contact you for a personal consultation.

Aurel Christ

Aurel Christ, Physician & Master in Ayurvedic Medicine

  • Licensed as a doctor of human medicine
  • Master of Science in Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Son of Dr. Karin Pirc, grew up with Ayurveda since childhood
  • Graduation in the USA: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media
  • International medical experience in general and acute medicine
  • Specialties: Panchakarma, nutrition, Ayurvedic psychology.


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