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Weight management


Treatment and enjoyment

Even if you feel you’d like to shed a few pounds, you will not go on a special diet during your treatment. Instead, it’s good to experience the entire variety of the delicious Ayurveda cuisine.

Because weight problems are, according to Ayurvedic findings, not only a question of food intake, but rather mainly a metabolic imbalance, especially in cases where a person is clearly overweight. With Ayurveda methods, the functioning of the metabolism can be brought into natural balance.

“Will I lose weight during a Panchakarma treatment?”

Even without specific attention to weight reduction, it has been shown that overweight people usually lose a few pounds when undergoing a Panchakarma treatment of at least 10 days. If a greater weight reduction is desired, the doctor can prescribe a specific diet to promote that. People with normal weight usually find that they lose a little weight during the treatment – it can be one of the side effects. For underweight people who don’t want to lose more weight, the treatment plan and diet can be designed such that their weight will remain the same.

Raising awareness instead of going on a diet

In any case, you will learn how to notice the signals of your body and how that will help you to put together your own best dietary plan at home. In that regard, we can help you by taking a look at your daily routine and by doing so, help you to find a healthy rhythm that strengthens your natural weight balance. With that, your health and well-being will spontaneously become better.