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Ayurvedic Cuisine at the Centre


Experience Ayurvedic cuisine at its best. Our chef creates delicious meals that take into account all the Ayurvedic recommendations.
In our Ayurveda kitchen we use only fresh and mainly organic ingredients. The gentle preparation techniques ensure that all of the important vitamins and minerals are retained. Exotic spices and selected herbs as well as the use of ghee, the Ayurvedic butterfat, create unique and tasty flavours. All herbs, spices and other ingredients are chosen according to their effects as described in the Ayurvedic teachings. For example, ghee can improve your memory and mental functioning, can keep your joints lubricated, and allows your skin to become more smooth and radiant.
The customized creation of your menu is done according to your mind/body type and medical indications, and it supports the success of your treatment. Your taste buds will remember this experience long afterwards.
Die individuelle Zusammenstellung Ihres Speiseplans je nach Typ und medizinischer Indikation unterstützt den Erfolg Ihrer Ayurvedakur – und wird Ihrem Gaumen in bester Erinnerung bleiben.

Our Chefs

Our chefs are also nutritional experts

René Sundag

After his chef training, René worked in gourmet catering on a cruise liner and some time after that, at an organic farm. The experiences there inspired him to become a vegetarian. But where can you find an upscale catering business that doesn’t serve meat? In his search for a discerning vegetarian kitchen, René discovered Ayurveda and shortly after that found us in Bad Ems. Here at the Health Centre, he likes the fact that he “can work with many herbs and spices that are not used in European cooking”. Keen on experimenting, he has already created new dishes for our menu – of course, in conjunction with the medical advice from the doctors and the Vaidya (Ayurveda expert).

Ludmilla Wagner

Ludmilla is a chef with heart and soul. When she was a child, during her school vacations she joined her mother who worked as a chef in a large cafeteria, and she often cooked at home for the entire family. Later, Ludmilla studied home economics in Akmola (Kazakhstan) and cooked professionally for 22 years in a facility that fed about 60 people. In 1996 she came to Germany and shortly after that started to learn Ayurvedic cooking from Frank Lotz, our previous chef. Her native roots provide a distinctive flavour to her Ayurvedic cooking and to this day she joyfully spoils our guests with vegetarian Russian national dishes enhanced by Ayurvedic spice combinations.

Jochen Lotz

Jochen is a passionate self-taught chef. He loves Indian cooking with all of its rich variety and its special treats. At first, he only cooked for himself, but later, learning from his brother and chef Frank Lotz, he learned how to cook Ayurvedic meals in a professional manner. He participated in many seminars on Ayurvedic cooking and has accumulated a wide range of knowledge and he loves to share his know-how with others. For many years he made sure that the suggestions from the Vaidyas and doctors were implemented correctly in our kitchen. He regularly gives lectures for our guests on Ayurvedic cooking and gives cooking classes in our teaching kitchen – classes that enjoy increasing popularity as time goes on.