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Tipps for Spring

Tipps for Spring

How to stay healthy in Spring –
Ayurveda tips from Vaidya Prathmesh Vyas

Why do people get a cold or the flu at the end of winter? This can easily be explained from an Ayurvedic viewpoint: During the dark wintertime, when Vata increases, we tend to compensate the dryness by eating more and heavier food than, for example, during summer. People also exercise less, especially in our latitudes. And so it happens that, over the winter, more metabolic deposits accumulate in the body.

Now, when outside temperatures rise gradually, the body’s metabolic activity increases likewise and it starts to eliminate those deposits. Wenn this happens in bursts, it can produce Kapha disorders typical for springtime like colds or flu bouts with elimination of mucus from the airways.

The miracle cure for these annoying side effects: take measures to reduce Kapha before these disorders befall you.