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Gentle enema with far-reaching results

The value of the Basti treatment has been highly praised in the classical Ayurvedic texts: “Although the Basti has its effect in the colon, through its power it pulls all impurities out from head to toe, just as the sun that stands high in the sky dries up all rivulets.“

Our Bastis have a cleansing, calming and nourishing effect and are part of a complete Panchakarma programme. Matra-Basti contains individually prescribed oils to target specific situations, while at the same time it nourishes the physiology. The Shodana-Basti has a complex combination of herbal decoctions, oily substances and alkaline minerals. They assure that the toxins that have been loosened by the various oil massages make their way out of the body. In combination, Matra and Shodana Bastis alleviate numerous complaints, such as bowel disturbances, spinal column complaints, joint diseases and migraine.

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