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The variety of therapies of your Panchakarma programme provides a precise coordinated treatment sequence to maximize their combined effect. All treatments are carried out in silence. As a basic principle of our Centre, ladies are treated by female therapists, gentlemen by male therapists.

Which therapy for what condition?

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Abhyanga – Gentle synchronised full-body oil massage

Vishesh – Deep, synchronised full-body oil massage

Garshan – Dry massage with silk gloves

Udvarthana – Exfoliating full-body massage

Pizhichill – Gentle synchronised massage under flowing oil

Svedana – Full-body herbal steam bath

Matra Basti – Gentle, calming enema

Shodana-Basti – Mild cleansing enema

Shirodhara – Calming oil flowing over the forehead

Shirobasti – Warm head herbal oil bath

Nasya – Head and nose treatment

Netra Tarpana – Eye treatment with ghee

Pinda Sveda – Synchronized massage with warm linen pouches

Padabhyanga – Gentle oil massage on feet and lower legs

Karnapurana – Combines treatment of head and ears with special oils

Vasthis – Pain-relieving treatments with warm oil