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Double checking your decision

We often ask different people for advice with regard to important decisions in our lives. This is also true for decisions regarding our health. It’s more and more common to obtain a medical assessment or recommendations from two or more experts.

Personal responsibility requires understanding

Through the use of the internet, patients are much better informed about diagnosis and possible therapies than they were many years ago, and they make more informed decisions.

Straight talk with the patient

Many medical experts specifically recommend a second opinion, and not just if there is some doubt, but as a normal step in the process. We also welcome this development, because this gives us a chance for frank and straightforward conversations with the patient.

Another perspective

The findings of Ayurvedic medicine can complement the findings of modern medicine. Often the Ayurvedic findings provide an additional and beneficial perspective. If you would like to learn about receiving an Ayurvedic diagnosis, call for an outpatient consultation appointment.

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