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Ayurveda Cure at Stress and Burn-out

Ayurveda treatments and Yoga to manage burnout and consequences of stress

Staying in balance – this is the main theme of Ayurveda and at the same time the Ayurvedic way to a long, fulfilled life. How can Ayurveda help overcome a burn-out? What role does the “energy account” play in personal stress management? How do batteries recharge quickly?

Ayurveda has not only answers to all of these questions, but practical solutions that have proven themselves a thousand times over in our health centre in Bad Ems.

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Our body is a marvel of nature.

This holistic physical system keeps itself constantly in balance and is able to adjust to external influences and repair itself. According to the ancient texts of Ayurveda, humans can live 115 years or longer – all the while happy and healthy!

Due to the fast pace of modern living and the unhealthy influences in our lives, our adaptability is increasingly overwhelmed. The many consequences of stress are an increasing problem. Lack of concentration, sleep disorders, tension, headaches or panic attacks, depression and burnout are widespread.

Counteract stress effectively with balancing Ayurvedic strategies for protection against the consequences of unavoidable burdens and strain.

  • Ayurveda Treatment – Individually tailored, it will bring rest and relaxation to the body
  • Pranayama – Managing stress with breathing exercises
  • Abhyanga – Self massage helps to avoid and reduce stress
  • Yoga – Relaxation and flexibility for body and mind
  • The Transcendental Meditation programme – A key technique for an active and fulfilled life

Meditation Essentials in 5 Minutes

Meditation Essentials in 5 Minutes. TM. Compare Meditation Techniques. How to Learn Meditation.

Dr. med. Ulrich Bauhofer about Ayurveda and stress

“In Balance leben” (Living in balance) – the Ayurvedic way for a long and fulfilled life. How can Ayurveda help to overcome burnout? What role does the “energy account” have in personal stress management? How do you re-charge your batteries quickly? These and other questions are addressed by Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer, a physician from Munich in his book “In Balance leben (Living in Balance) – How to Manage Energy Properly in Spite of Stress.” He discussed these topics with Dr. Erich Lejeune from Munich TV.

Click here for the video: Interview with Dr. med. Bauhofer and Ayurvedic Stress Management (German language only)­

Manager Dieter F. Kindermann: “Like a ‘fountain of youth’

Dieter F. Kindermann, Consul, Businessman and Manager of the Year 1992, is a regular guest at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Bad Ems. We spoke with him about the stress of a businessman's life and effective relaxation for mind and body.


Mr Kindermann, you are in charge of a successful group of companies with more than 1,000 employees. You are an author, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan, Honorary Doctorate from the Abai State University in Almaty, Guest Professor for Business at Breslau University. You accept mandates from various organisations such as “Johanniter und Welthungerhilfe” (German Agro Action – Freedom from Hunger) and in addition have a family… (Show / hide entire article)

Isn’t that a bit too much activity for one person?

I managed before, but now I can manage everything more easily. There were times when I did much more. Sixteen to eighteen hours a day six days a week, and then Sunday mornings as well. When you are successful and things are running well, you do such things. However, experience shows that the bill comes later. That was no different for me. As well as the high pressure of work, there was also the irregular daily routine. With so many journeys in different time zones – in my busiest years I travelled more than 450,000 miles – there was no question of a “normal” daily routine.

What were the consequences?

“Through the treatments in Bad Ems I believe I have gained a better feeling for my body. In daily life I am more sensitive to my needs. And what is good for me is also good for my business.”

That all left its mark. I do not want to relate my whole story, only so much – at one point I had done too much and realised that I had to do something different. I began to look for a way to deal with the daily stress in the shortest possible time. It was Dieter Thomas Heck, a good friend of mine, who said to me, “Go to Bad Ems. There is a large hotel with an Ayurvedic centre.” He had a good experience there, so I followed his advice.

And how was it?

Well, Maharishi Ayurveda sounded a bit unusual, but the recommendation was one I had to follow. When I arrived in Bad Ems my scepticism soon disappeared. Dr. Karin Pirc and her husband, Managing Director Lothar Pirc, were initially responsible for this. They were very competent, friendly and inspired confidence. Dr. Pirc first gave me a check-up and came to the same conclusion that I had – it was high time for a rest. That is what I did and it was a good thing I did.

Sounds like you had a good experience. Did you stay with Maharishi Ayurveda?

Oh yes, of course. I have become a great fan. Since then I have taken many Panchakarma treatments in Bad Ems. It is hard to believe, I know, but the rest, extra sleep, the wonderful treatments, good food and interesting lectures worked like a fountain of youth on my body. I am a completely changed person and totally convinced of the benefits of Ayurveda.

And what have the effects been on your work and family life?

Very positive. You know, over time the repercussions of daily stress create their own dynamic. I have always been full of energy and over time kept doing more and more. My expectations for myself and those around me were continually increasing. I was fussy and always critical of others. Over time I became unbearable. I wasn’t bad, but terribly nervous. Today, thank God, it has changed. Within my family, as well as my business, we all get on much better. I have become a “team player”.

You meet with many managers and businessmen. Do you recommend Panchakarma treatment to them?

Of course – and not just to them. In January I had a wonderful time with my whole family here. I have also been here with some of my colleagues. The managing director of an investment company enthused about a new feeling for life after his first treatment.

But very often you probably hear the argument: I don’t have the time!

That’s right. But my feeling is that if you don’t have time yourself, then give someone else Maharishi Ayurvedic treatment as a gift. I have done that a number of times.

It is precious for health. It is wonderful when one can help those whom one really likes, to improve their health in this way.

Can you integrate the Ayurvedic recommendations into your daily life?

I do a lot of things differently now. I try to take things easier and take more time. Naturally that is not possible all the time, but one can do a lot. For example, a business meal does not always have to be heavy food with x number of courses. Even my colleagues now appreciate it when a light and easily digestible menu is served. But I don’t live like a monk – definitely not.

Modern managers take time out for self-development and wellness courses.

Is Maharishi Ayurveda an alternative?

It is a question of knowledge and realisation. I have taken many of these management courses. They are mainly just a strain for the body and don’t necessarily produce any mental freshness. Ayurveda has given me the opposite experience. The treatment, lectures and advice bring you closer to yourself and open up new horizons. Through the courses here at Bad Ems I think I have a better feeling for my body and handle daily life in a better way. And what’s good for me, is good for my business.

So, a royal path?

For me, definitely. It could be for many other people, too. You have to be aware of the possibility and not close your eyes to it. There are already managers that are ill because of stress and it’s very important for them to be better informed and discover this method.

Thank you for talking to us.