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Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your interest in a training course in Ayurvedic medicine. In collaboration with Maharishi Vedic University in The Netherlands, the Academy of the German Association for Ayurveda (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ayurveda) has developed training standards that offer the highest quality standards combined with immediate applicable practical knowledge. It is able to be completed in a relatively short length of time. According to teaching professors in India, a study programme with a similar scope of knowledge would take a greater investment of time if it were done in India.

The secret of the success of this programme lies in: (1) the selection of qualified lecturers, (2) many years of experience of imparting of Ayurvedic knowledge, and (3) a curriculum specifically developed and geared toward Western doctors. It also provides complete Vedic knowledge that is deepened step by step by practical excercises and personal experience.

For example, you learn the Maharishi Ayurveda pulse diagnosis during the fundamental courses. With that, you are able to examine the basic physiological and pathological mechanisms of Vedic medicine and understand them not only intellectually, but feel them in the pulse. This enables a much richer understanding of the subtle interactions of the impulses in the physiology.

Right from the beginning, the courses are geared toward the personal benefit of the course participant:

  • You will receive from experienced colleagues practise-oriented therapy concepts for chronic disease and cases that, up until now, have been difficult to treat, and thereby broaden your therapy offerings considerably.
  • The therapies can be combined with conventional and alternative medicine.
  • You will lower expenses for drugs in your practise through the use of privately prescribed recommendations of effecive, supplemental preparations.
  • You will build confidence and find increased effectiveness in the improvement of your patients’ health. These kinds of results have been documented in numerous scientific research findings that are published in renowed international medical journals. The herbal formulations used in Maharishi Ayurveda have been produced according to highest quality standards and in the most up-to-date production facilities. The company that makes them is the only worldwide producer of Ayurvedic products that is certified according to the “ISO 9001 & HACCP” certificate.
  • Beyond that, you will learn simple but very effective techniques to reduce your personal stress, accumulated fatigue and symptoms of exhaustion. The techniques also result in experiencing less frustration and enjoying improved health and fulfilment in your personal and professional life. You will enjoy your medical profession even more, and it will bring you higher levels of fulfilment.

This last point is of the utmost importance. You will view your patients in an Ayurvedic mind-body context, and therefore with a completely new and exciting viewpoint. It will provide you totally new insights into the nature of a person’s health and sickness.

We wish you great joy and success in the practical application of Vedic health strategies.

Yours sincerely,

The Academy Leadership Team

Dr. med. Ernst Schrott, Dr. med. Wolfgang Schachinger

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