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Five Questions


If you are considering an Ayurvedic treatment — for example, the Panchakarma programme or a combination of medical diagnosis and single treatments — we recommend that you find out as much as you can ahead of time. Before you make your decision, it is good to speak with the medical director of the centre of your choice or ask a doctor you trust.

  1. Is the health centre specialized in Ayurvedic treatments?

    Ayurveda is built on comprehensive and universal principles. Expect highest competence from a provider who gives priority to a holistic approach and one who doesn’t combine too many procedures.

  2. Do the doctors and therapists have sufficient experience in Ayurveda?

    At the basis of trust lies knowledge and experience. If a health centre is offering Ayurveda treatments, they should have extensive experience and should know its patients very well.

  3. Where and how have the doctors and therapist been trained?

    Ayurvedic medicine cannot be mastered in a few weekend courses. This is why you should ask how the doctors and therapists have been trained and whether their training is up-to-date.

  4. Which products (for example, oils and Ayurvedic formulations) are used and why?

    Not all products for Ayurvedic treatments are the same when it comes to quality. A little research can reveal how they can be different — for example, where they come from and how they are certified.

  5. Trust the centre and the reasons for doing so

    You only want the best for yourself, and an Ayurveda treatment is not a low-budget product. Make yourself knowledgable about the history, quality and reputation of the centre of your choice.

Make your decision based on trust. Talk to us.

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