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Ayurvedic Diagnosis


Result and insight belong together

The ideal therapy starts with a thorough diagnosis. It is not any different with the Ayurveda approach.

Listening, empathizing, comprehending

The core of an Ayurvedic diagnosis consists of listening, empathizing and comprehening so that we can identify all aspects and possible causes of a disease and not just the symptoms. This is why we spend at least one hour’s time with you. Special preparation from your side is not necessary. However, in the case of serious conditions, it’s helpful to bring existing medical records or findings from your doctor.

We take the time

We discuss with you at length the whole situation. We examine the history of the disease, look at pre-existing diseases, genetic characteristics, daily routine, and food habits. In addition, an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis is done. The Maharishi Ayurveda doctor then combines these results with the findings of the modern medicine diagnosis and plans the individual therapy accordingly.


If you cannot or don’t want to purify the physiology with an authentic, Ayurvedic Panchakarma programme, you may still receive precise recommendations and prescriptions of Ayurvedic herbal formulations based on the diagnosis of the Maharishi Ayurveda doctor. If you wish, you may choose to consider our suggestions and guidance during the course of your treatment.

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