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“We have the golden sight to only see the right things, because we know that the power of good is greater than any other power and that the power of good increases in the world.” – Maharishi


All his life Maharishi worked to connect modern natural science with ancient Vedic science to gain complete knowledge about Natural Law, and, with that, enable human beings to live a life in harmony with Natural Law.

In his lifetime Maharishi created an organisational structure that would endure and allow its educational activities to be continued worldwide. The highest priority is to maintain the knowledge so that it remains effective generation after generation.

Maharishi’s worldwide programmes today – a selection

The TM® programme via prescription. Since 1991, the National Health Service in Great Britain pays the fee for learning the Transcendental Meditation® programme in cases where a registered medical doctor has prescribed it.

Foundation for the promotion of the Transcendental Meditation® programme for at-risk groups
Since 2005, the David Lynch Foundation, named after the renowned film director, has worked to help underprivileged individuals learn the TM technique. Examples of the people who have benefitted from DLF programmes include: veterans suffering from PTSD; American Indians living in poverty on reservations who suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high suicide rates; homeless people with addiction problems; and children with ADHD, anxiety, depression and drug abuse. The foundation gets support from celebrities and Hollywood stars such as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Clint Eastwood, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Scorsese, Katy Perry, Russell Brand and many more.

As of 2012, there are 230 schools worldwide where children are given, along with their regular classes, the opportunity to unfold their consciousness (inner resources) through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation® programme.
The students show outstanding improvements in their academic performance as well as in their state of mind indicated, for example, by an immediate decline in violence and reduction of absenteeism.

Street children in Columbia.
Father Gabriel Mejia, a Catholic priest, has build 52 houses in Columbia for neglected street children and orphans. Last year, more than 3,600 children learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique. The statement of the “saint from Columbia” (this is how Maharishi referred to Father Mejia), speaks for itself: “Love is a powerful medicine for any illness or disorder. When a child closes his eyes and begins to meditate, to him the field of all possibilities is opened. The world is opening for the child.”

Programme for managers and companies.
An increasing number of companies implement the TM technique to increase creativity, improve mental and physiological health of their employees, increase job satisfaction, and also reduce absenteeism. or

Vedic agriculture. Maharishi worked with experts to bring the out the knowledge of Vedic science as it applies to agriculture in great detail. Several project teams work worldwide on the preparation of related projects, so that food quality is enhanced and food production is in harmony with Natural Law.

The Maharishi Effect. During his lifetime, Maharishi turned his attention to the application of Vedic peace technologies. In scientific literature, the beneficial outcomes of applying these peace technologies is known as the “Maharishi Effect”. When a significant number of individuals practice the Transcendental Meditation programme and its advanced techniques together in one place, it has the effect of the growth of peaceful tendencies across the globe.