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Losing weight the Ayurvedic way

First you fast and lose weight, then you gain weight again: such a sequence of events is all too common with popular weight loss programs. Furthermore, they often cause unpleasant fluctuations in wellbeing – even though wellbeing is certainly one of the reasons for wanting to get rid of those extra pounds.
Most methods are not very well suited to lose weight quickly and induce a lasting improvement in well-being, because their main focus is to lose weight by reducing the food intake.

Solving weight problems at their root

What is being overlooked is the fact that fasting usually weakens the metabolism, unless the digestive system is specifically strengthened at the same time. The consequence is the dreaded yoyo effect, i.e. after a seemingly successful weight reduction one soon gains even more than one had lost.
Ayurveda uses a different approach, based on natural knowledge that has been available for millennia, with which one’s individual ideal weight can be reached and maintained.
According to Ayurveda, weight issues are not merely a matter of overeating: equally important are the times of food intake and the composition of meals. And of course, the individual’s metabolism (Agni) also plays a big role. A slow cell metabolism leads to higher weight with less food intake, while a fast basal metabolism leads to low body weight even with larger amounts of food.

When the metabolism is balanced, food is broken down into components that are useful for building healthy body tissue. But when the metabolic functions are in disarray, incompletely decomposed molecules are formed, which may be deposited anywhere in the body. The circulation is disturbed and a fundamental imbalance builds up. To be able to achieve long-lasting success, this functional imbalance must be restored to its natural equilibrium.

Ayurvedisches Essen

Balancing the metabolism = losing weight

Instead of just fasting – and regaining the lost weight afterwards – we recommend a Maharishi Ayurveda course of treatment focusing on weight loss. An important part of the success lies in providing a delicious vegetarian Ayurvedic diet that is designed and prepared specifically for purification and detoxification. Enjoyable and deeply relaxing Ayurvedic treatments enhance your digestive power and basal metabolism, and thus, weight loss happens quite naturally. In addition, Ayurvedic massages (Abhyanga) dissolve layer after layer of deposited metabolic debris and increase the metabolic rate.


Herbal steam baths open the vessels and all the body’s circulation channels. Total cell activity is increased and the dissolved metabolic debris migrate into the intestine, from where they are channeled out of the body. Also, metabolic balance is restored, so that the weight reduction is lasting. Last but not least: the entire program is pure wellness: wonderful, gentle, luxurious. The result of the applications is not just the desired weight reduction, you will also feel greater vitality, energy and well-being – a new life feeling.


Ayurvedic home remedies

    1. Add the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of organic honey to a glass of water at room temperature. Drinking this first thing in the morning cleanses your digestive tract, refreshes, ensures a good intestinal flora, and supports weight loss.
    2. In the morning, prepare a thermos with boiled water (let it simmer for 10–20 minutes). During the day, drink half a glass of this water every half an hour. The repeated stimulus of the warmth in the digestive system activates all body cells’ metabolism and thereby facilitates weight loss.
      To avoid diluting your digestive juices, stop this regimen half an hour before meals and don’t resume until one hour afterwards, or one and a half hour if it was a large meal. During the meal itself, however, you can drink hot water in small sips.
    3. Instead of an after-lunch nap, rest just five minutes after the meal and then go for a walk.
    4. Don’t eat more than three meals a day – only two is better – and avoid in-between eating. If you are very hungry, drink a glass of hot water to which you have added a few slices of ginger or a pinch of hot spices such as black pepper, cloves, or cumin. This fills the stomach and at the same time activates your metabolism.
    5. Reduce carbohydrates like sugar and all cereals; instead, eat more vegetables – or salads during summer.
    6. Learn and practice Transcendental Meditation. The experience of deep relaxation markedly reduces stress and the craving for chocolate etc.
    7. In the evening, take only a very light meal, e.g. a vegetable soup, and as early as possible. Ideally don’t eat anymore after 6 p.m.
    8. Designate one day a week as a liquid diet day.


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