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Wellness-Oasis Kaisergarten


Wellness and feeling good

This luxurious oasis in Häcker’s Grand Hotel is a paradise for those who favour the finest sauna and bathing experience. Warm marble colours, privacy and clean and brightly lit facilities provide an ambience like none other in this exceptional sauna facility. Here you will find diverse sauna and bathing areas that you may reach comfortably in your bathrobe just a short walk from your room.

Luxury and variety

Try different kind of saunas or baths, which include a Roman bath and an aroma bath. Relax in the spacious resting area or experience the unique outdoor area with a rock grotto built into the mountain, a log cabin sauna, cliff shower and Jacuzzi.

Combine wellness and Panchakarma

Here in Bad Ems you may enrich your Maharishi Ayurveda experience with even more relaxing activities. Please be sure to check with your Ayurveda doctor to find out which wellness application is suited for the respective treatment phase.