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Recipe for Ayurvedic Spiced Milk

Ayurvedic Spiced Milk

For a deep and restful sleep we suggest you try out our recipe for Ayurvedic spiced milk. Both calming and easily digestible, it brings you restorative slumbers.

Recipe for Ayurvedic Spiced Milk

Ingredients (quantities per person):
250 ml whole milk, fresh and of best organic quality
a pinch of turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, or ginger
You can also mix two or three spices according to preference
½ ts of Sharkara or brown cane sugar, as necessary

Boil the milk with the spices, letting it rise twice or thrice, then leave it to cool down to drinking temperature.


People with Vata constitution can balance their Dosha by adding 1–2 teaspoons Ghee (clarified butter) or almond paste.

People with a Pitta-predominant constitution can add 1/2–1 teaspoon of Pitta Churna.

People with a Kapha constitution should take half milk, half water: 125 ml milk and 125 ml water. Ginger and cardamom are the ideal spices for this constitution type. Honey is the only sweetener that reduces Kapha Dosha.

Milk with honey is very popular, but please take care not to heat the honey to temperatures over 40 °C – otherwise it becomes harmful according to Ayurveda. You can mix liquid honey into the milk when it has cooled down to under 40 °C.

Milk is easily digestible even in the evening as, in a way, it has already been digested. It’s important not to mix milk with other food stuffs except nuts, dried fruits, or the above-mentioned spices. Ayurveda states that combining milk with fruits, vegetables, or salt makes it indigestible.

Recipe for Ayurvedic Spiced Milk – here for download

Recipe and picture: René Sundag, Bad Ems
© Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre Bad Ems – René Sundag

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2 Responses

  1. And says:

    Can I use normal butter instead of Ghee?

    • Dr. Karin Pirc says:

      Dear Andy,

      butter and ghee have completely different properties. Ghee means all protein particles have been taken out, thats why its fatty acids have much smaller molecule sizes – they pass the intestinal walls and the cell walls of the body much easier than butter. That is why it penetrates deeper into the system and nourishes the brain much more, as well as the bones, hair and nails and – that is why it also soothes stressed nervous systems.
      Vitamins and minerals bind to it more so ghee helps as a channeling agent for those and the intake of these valuable nutrients is enhanced.
      In case you do not like the taste so much then take butter on your bread but always cook with ghee, your body will be thankful.

      With best wishes

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