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Cosmetic applications


Natural beauty is the mirror of a profound inner harmony. Being comfortable in one’s skin is reflected in the skin that you show the world.

Lustre and glow

Enjoy our comprehensive programme for an appreciable and noticeable revitalization of the skin. Traditional applications with selected Ayurvedic cosmetic products and valuable herbal formulations offer you a powerful cleansing experience and profound rejuvenation. All applications will be carried out by highly trained therapists.

Skin type wellness experiences

Individual customized skin care. Our cosmetic treatments purify and nourish the skin at deeper layers, noticeably promoting its firmness and making it smooth – even in the more problematic areas such as the belly, legs and buttocks. The goal of the treatments is harmonization of Dosha balance – the inner balance that is the source of your natural beauty and radiance.

A regenerative effect not only for the skin and tissues but for the entire body.

Authentic Maharishi Ayurveda cosmetic treatments for regeneration and toning.

Anti-wrinkles mask

Moisturizing and nourishing facial treatment with selected herbs.

Treatment length: approx. 70 minutes

Mask for vitality

Invigorating facial treatment with selected herbs that help fight the effects of fatigue.

Treatment length: approx. 70 minutes

Cleansing mask

Vata, Pitta or Kapha refreshing facial cleansing according to your Dosha type.

Treatment length: approx. 60 minutes

Anti-acne mask

Vata, Pitta or Kapha anti-acne treatment according to your Dosha type.

Treatment length: approx. 60 minutes

Firming and tissue-strengthening treatments

Profoundly nourishing and firming cosmetic treatments. Choose from two to four body areas. Includes Abhyanga massage, herbal paste application, and resting phase.

Treatment length: between 100 and 120 minutes