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Test yourself


How to do it:

Answer all the questions in the three test sections. A zero means: no, not right at all. A six means: yes, absolutely right. In answering the questions take into account your general state of health in the past six months, not just the past week. Put a cross against those numbers that correspond most truthfully to the level of matching with the expression that is being considered. Then count up the numbers ticked for each section of the text separately, and thereby establish which dosha has the highest total. Then compare the final totals of the three sections. In this way you will know which dosha (highest score) is predominant in you and which dosha is less prominent. Very few people are ‘pure constitutional types’. Most are ‘combination types’ of two or occasionally three doshas. Don’t therefore get confused if you find out that you have some value of all three doshas in your constitution.