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Books written by Dr. Karin Pirc on the “knowledge of life”

Dr. Karin Pirc, the medical director of our Centre, is one of the innovators of Ayurveda in Germany. For many years she has made her knowledge and her extensive experience available in several books and our Health Centre email newsletter.

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In our newsletters, Dr. Karin Pirc explains the various applications of Ayurveda for health and happiness in daily life. In addition, these newsletters offer you a chance to be the first to be informed of our special offers at the Health Centre.

BuchWohlfuehlenMitAyurvedaFeel Good with Ayurveda
by Dr. Karin Pirc

For every mind-body type: Includes information about simple things you can easily fit into your daily routine and extra special ways to pamper yourself on the weekend.

[German language only]

ISBN 3830421761


BuchAyurvedaKursbuchFuerMutterUndKindAyurveda Guide for Mother and Baby
by Dr. Karin Pirc

Fundamentals and useful knowledge for the preparation for pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding, and treatment of ailments during childhood.

[German language only]

ISBN 3636063642




Abhyanga: the Ayurvedic Oil Treatment To Do at Home
by Dr. Karin Pirc

Soothing daily oil massage to benefit health and beauty and help prevent illnesses.

[German language only]

ISBN 3830421176



BuchFreiVonAsthmaFree From Asthma
by Dr. Karin Pirc

Each kind of asthma is different. In her book, Dr. Karin Pirc explains to the reader the hidden cause of asthma and guides the individual to a holistic treatment for their specific symptoms.

[German language only]

ISBN 3787-0801-F



BuchKochenNachAyurvedaAyurvedic Cooking
by Dr. Karin Pirc and Wilhelm Kempe

“He who eats right doesn’t require medicine” — so say the Ayurvedic texts. With beautiful pictures and informative tips, Dr. Karin Pirc and the long-time Ayurveda chef Wilhelm Kempe show you how to create your individual menu and at the same time enjoy delicious and healthy meals quickly and easily at home.

[German language only]

ISBN 3-8094-1420-4


BuchDenAlterungsprozessUmkehrenTurn Around the Ageing Process
by Dr. Karin Pirc

Facts, scientific findings, and time-tested rejuvenating and revitalising elixirs of Ayurveda – with impressive case studies for different diseases and medical conditions.

[German language only]

ISBN 3-9334-9656-X