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Midlife crisis at 60?

With good health, joy and vitality stay with us to a ripe old age: Everybody talks about “anti-ageing”. With its goal to support long life, Ayurveda could also be called the mother of anti-ageing. The word itself reveals this meaning. “Ayus” = life, “veda” = knowledge, and the term “Ayurveda” has traditionally been translated as: “knowledge or science of long life”.

Reversing the ageing process

Ayurveda has a wealth of different recommendations to slow down the ageing process or help to undo the wear and tear that has already occurred.

WissenRueckgangDesBiologischenAlters_englwebDeclining of biological age

At the 8th world congress of the International College of Psychosomatic Medicine in Chicago, USA, scientific research on the effects of Maharishi Ayurveda modalities was introduced. The subjects in the studies showed a significant decline of their average biological age of about 4.8 years after they participated in various Maharishi Ayurveda prevention programmes over a ten-month period.

Magic word — Rasayana

The classic Panchakarma treatments and the traditional herbal formulations, called Rasayanas, were particularly effective in the prevention of illness and at the same time the extension of lifespan – without side effects.

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